Let's talk about chips baby: Lay's "BLT" chips, to be exact.

We've all been left down in this life, whether it be a lover,
a friend or Metallica's last album. It's hard to trust anything
anymore. I blame Stone Cold Steve Austin for that - he brainwashed
so many with his lack of trust.

Or maybe, just maybe, he saw the future. More specifically, the 
future of potato chips. Even more specifically, Lay's "Limited Time
Flavor," branded chips and or Pringles "Scorchin" brand chips.

It's almost as if the cock sucks in the research and development dept.
of these companies type "flavors fat fucks enjoy," and then begin their
potato chip build, half assed.

BUT SOMETIMES, they hit a high note without really trying. They almost
stumble into pus...wait, i can't say that anymore.

I ate a bag of their new "BLT" chips this past weekend. I expected nothing,
and hoped for everything. That's how I've lived my last twenty. And while these
chips tasted NOTHING like a blt, for once, a company got the flavor of bacon
almost right.

In fact, i really did enjoy the "smokiness" bacon flavor. What was odd, however
was the lack of any tomato flavor - one of the easiest flavors to replicate
in the snack world.

I don't often finish a bag or canister of these one-off flavors, but i
killed this bag, so that says something.

6 out of 10.

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