The Krude Experience - Paid. Made. Laid.

Paid. Made. Laid.

Joking with this blog title aside, Krüde wanted to give the people who read my words a verbal exploration of being in the black. Having cash. Enough cash to do things. And where your humble and handsome blogist stands on the issue.

I usually do not do things just for the cash. When I worked the Manhattan market selling kitchen and bath renovations, my paychecks were very sweet. Years later, my physical health cannot withstand the wear and tear of running around NYC every day. So I had to take my skills to my home state of New Jersey. And now I make less money. But my overall health isn’t being put into jeopardy everyday. Advantage: my spine. My bank account has reason to complain. But fuck that bank shit. Cash is where its at

John Holmes once made a gay movie The Private PleasureS of John C Holmes when he was already well established in the porn industry. Why? Same reason as always: the $$$. People do things just for cash. Never thinking of the negative consequences. Private pleasures??!!  Straight men don’t go gay for no good reason. Cash wins everytime. Especially if you have pricey addictions

Money makes the world go ‘round. Money makes things happen. Having money means more things happen. Not having money means you have to find joys in life that don’t cost anything. I have lived both sides of this fence. If I have money, I spend it. If I don’t have money, life isn’t too bad. Been there. Done that. What more do I really need to accomplish at this point? Will having money make me happier? Doubt it.

Putting life into motion doesn’t cost a thing. Letting life drift away while dreaming about monetary riches is a sin. Be real. Use your head. Spank your demons. Love to love. Cheers!

Evolution is a mystery….



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