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 Used Too

Krüde ain’t your average ordinary schlep that bitches and moans on the interweb. I complain about injustice and things I find to be reprehensible. Which is most of what I see that surrounds me every day. My 52 years on Earth has toughened my calloused skin shell for life. Nothing really bothers me too much. Except for things I used to do with regularity (that I can’t do anymore due to age). I will explain:

Sex used to be no less than twice a night with my chicks. Often 4 times a day/night was the norm. Now 3 times a week is about all my wretched spine can handle

Never had issues with my stomach until my skeletal health issues became worse and the doctor prescribed more medicine. I could eat or drink anything at anytime. Didn’t matter. I never got nauseated. Now I find myself eating and drinking mild forms of sustenance. And keeping the heavier items for very special occasions

Weird that I will ever complain about my hair. I am at an age when most men don’t even have half of what I have growing from my head. But I can tell that my hair is genuinely getting thinner all around. And that comes with age. But still…. It is a kick in the nuts to not have what I had hair wise. If you see me with really long, thick hair, it is a wig. No shame in wearing a rug. ALL shame in wearing a bad rug

I don’t feel the same sense of urgency when watching a live sporting event on television. I used to live and die by over/unders and kickers making 2 or more field goals. Now I watch games for the bad calls and obvious negative reactions from disgruntled fans

Life is a long distance run. With a few quick sprints thrown in. Staying true to oneself isn’t an easy task when getting older. Adapting and thriving on a variable constant is the key to quality living. I’ve been up. I’ve been down. And everything in between. I am in it for the long haul. With strong meds. Cheers!

Pills and thrills….


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