Getting LOKO with Linzee Ryder

Are you ready to get LOKO? It was last September when Linzee Ryder said she would come back on Bumming with Bobcat to enjoy some Four Loko, and she made true on her promise! 

Crack open your favorite flavor of Four Loko and join us as we get LOKO with Linzee Ryder on this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat!

What's on tap?
Linzee always on the run on social media
Don't trust Uber Eats with your Four Loko orders
The OG Four Loko flavors
The great LOKO vote of 2023
The LOKO reactions and controversy
Do you really need the caffeine mixed with your alcohol?
The ORIGINAL Sour Melon Review
Peach flavored alcohol
No hard seltzers for Linzee
Shotgunning Four Loko
Where's the MD 20/20 chug guy? Get him on the podcast!
The shady side of social media
Do the carpets match the drapes?
How big is yours?
Feeling the Four Loko
It's all about the angles
Linzee's Peach Four Loko Ranking
Renewing vows with Reverend Bum Wine
Wild Irish Rose and Bum Wine history
Ever heard of Guns N' Roses?
Laying down the Four Loko guest challenge
Cat MILFs and much MORE!

You can listen to Linzee's first appearance on the podcast below.

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