Bottom Shelf Chronicles: A Talk with Bum Wine Bob on the Drink O'Clock Podcast

 In this episode of the Drink O'Clock Podcast, host Rob Valincius delves into the world of bottom shelf booze with special guest Bum Wine Bob. They discuss their favorite (and least favorite) cheap drinks, share wild drunk stories, and talk about the nostalgia and culture surrounding bum wines like Night Train, MD 2020, and Cisco. 

This lively conversation touches on the intriguing history of these infamous beverages, the impact of COVID on taste, and the resurrected return of glass 40s. Whether you're a booze connoisseur or just love a good drunk story, this episode has something for you! Cheers!

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As I discussed with Rob, the JOOSE IS LOOSE! The JOOSE malt beverage brand doesn't get as much traction as Four Loko and the Steel Reserve Alloy series, but at 14% ABV. it certainly packs a punch. How does the latest offering from JOOSE compare to the Four Loko Jungle Juice? Tune in to find out! Watch and SUBSCRIBE! Cheers!

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