White Trash PBR Bash with Stefs Rock Show

Get your PBR on ice and pregame (or postgame) with us as Stef from Stefs Rock Show and Stefs World podcast joins Bumming with Bobcat!

Stef is a former radio personality and rock 'n roll journalist, who you might have seen hosting live events or interviewing some of your favorite bands over the years. Recently, Stef found herself entering the podcast game with an all new show! You can check out her new podcast Stefs World on Spotify and check out all the clips on the Stefs Rock Show YouTube Channel! Make sure to check out her Instagram as well, so you can keep up with all the latest action!

What are Stefs greatest assets to the business? We have some HOT TOPICS on tap this week that we can't even tease here. You will have to watch the episode yourself to find out all about Stef and what she has on tap next!

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