HARD Mountain Dew LIVEWIRE Monday

Are you ready to get HARD? It’s Hard Mountain Dew Monday!

 Roadhouse sent over a can of  LIVEWIRE in the mystery box as we cracked it open for the first time on Bumming with Bobcat. Should you do the HARD dew? 

What’s the verdict? Check out the clip below and tune in to Bumming with Bobcat for the full review! 

What else was in the mystery box? Four Loko Pregame Sour Cosmic Punch, Hard Mountain Dew Livewire, Hi-Creek Fruit Punch Sour Ale, bad beer lists, and MORE! Crack open a cold one and drink along with us! Do me a solid and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube! Manischewitz Wine challenge is on tap when we hit 350 subscribers!

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