Bobcat Beverages

What does The Bobcat drink when he isn't enjoying bum wine or a fine 40 ounce beverage?

These are what we call the Bobcat Beverages!

The Hurricane Sandy lunch of champions.
Lionshead. ROAR!
Bobweiser. 'Merica
The first Straw-ber-Rita!
The banquet beer!
The champagne of beers!
Blue Moon: Harvest Pumpkin Ale
25oz of Bud Ice!
25oz of Mang-o-Rita!
Coors Light Summer Brew
Steel Reserve Triple Export
Miller Fortune
Summer Shandy!
Miller Genuine Draft
Shock Top
World Cup 2014 Budweiser
Steel Reserve Blk Berry
Sam Adams: Summer Ale
Yuengling Lager
Bud Light Platinum
Corona Extra
Narragansett Lager
Travelers Shandy
Shock Top: Pumpkin Wheat
The Harpoon UFO Collection
Sam Adams: Harvest Pumpkin Ale
Steel Reserve: Spiked Punch

Redd's Apple Ale

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