BWB WrestleMania 32 Party

Are you ready for the Bum Wine Bob WrestleMania 32 Party in Atlantic City, New Jersey? WrestleMania 32 is set to be held on April 3, 2016, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas and we want YOU to join us for the event!

The BWB Promotions team is looking to hold a bum wine gathering in beautiful and luxurious Atlantic City, New Jersey for WrestleMania weekend. Details are still being worked on and more will be posted once we have things set.

Now is the time to get your tickets punched and prepare to join us for a weekend of fun and excitement in AC! There will be bum wine, beers, 40's, and malt liquor for all to enjoy.

The event will be BYOB unless we get some sponsors that would like to provide the beverages for us!

This will be the first event of it's kind! Spread the word and let's get some sponsors involved in the event!

This can be you!
Kapn Krude himself will be giving walking tours of all of AC's finest liquor stores prior to WM32.

Also, if the weather cooperates we will be holding a special Kan Jam Celebrity Invitational tournament on the beautiful beaches of Atlantic City!

Let us know if you would be interested in attending the event and vote YES below!

Interested in attending a BWB WrestleMania 32 Party in Atlantic City?

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