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Thursday, January 18, 2018

McStud's Redd's Wicked Blood Orange Review

It's not old this time! It's a new year and McStud is BACK with a FRESH and NEW tasty beverage review!

What does McStud have on tap for us today? Click that play button below!

Fresh Redd's Wicked Blood Orange Review!

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Monday, January 15, 2018

The Krude Experience - Trending


Follow the leader. The terminally brainless often do so. They have no choice. And no taste. But the brainless somehow know they have needs.They are the reason things 'trend' in a majorly way.

How many of you have spread sriracha sauce on your food over past few years? Care to admit to it? I never liked sriracha sauce before the all the unwarranted craze. I'm a Cholula sauce kinda guy. Sold in a glass container.Product of Mexico. Sriracha comes in a big ugly squeeze top plastic bottle. Product of Thailand.Pass.

Everybody's mom made their kids cupcakes at one time or another. Then why were boutique cupcakes all the rage with the masses for a while? At $5 each. Fuck that. I did try Crumbs,Magnolia and Butter Lane cupcakes in NYC. They were just moms cupcakes at an inflated size and price. Nothing special.

Youtube often has people doing stupid things and filming it for the express purpose of uploading it for possible 'viral' status. All for added attention. No $ involved. At least the Jackass crew were making money while doing crazy stunts. Excess pain and possible death in exchange for internet popularity isn't worth it. Ever.

Ed Sheeran. Sounds like the name of the guy who runs the deli counter at my usual supermarket. Actually, I think Sheeran is the new Muzak.Boring,generic,yet easily digested music product that shifts plenty of units and concert tickets. This guy is a classic example of 'trending'. Catch the wave. Go with the flow. Not me. If there was ever an argument for mass mind control in the media,this guy's music is it.Chocolate Rain save me...

Krude was the first kid in high school to dig Guns N' Roses in 1987. Loved their first album. Liked the follow up EP Lies. Can't stand the Use Your Illusion albums. I ain't about blind allegiance. Believe it.

So Krude will leave you this week by spilling some of my musical taste on this blog. If bullshit like Ed Sheeran can 'trend' then Krude feels The Battery Electric should trend extra.I've been into this New Jersey based rock band for 3 years. They have released 3 EP's and one full album in that time. And not a bum musical note played in the bunch. Check 'em out.




Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Cult Moo John Daly's Hard Tea Review

Grip It & Sip It! On this episode of The Bro Beer Reviews we are trying out John Daly's Hard Tea.

What does Cult Moo have on tap for us today? Click that play button below!

John Daily's Hard Tea 8% abv - The Bro Beer Reviews

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Grab a Beer for the New Year

2018 is here, so let's have a beer! We are celebrating a new year with an old classic on this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat, as Old Milwaukee has been named the bumwinebob.com beer of the week!

Did you survive the holiday season? What are your resolutions for 2018? We are going back to our roots in 2018! Bring on the bum wine and come on down!

For the first time ever, we crowned co-champions in the bWb NFL Pick'Em league as The Stalkers and Kyle both tied for first place!

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All that and MORE featured on this weeks episode! Grab a drink and give it a listen. Cheers!

Monday, January 8, 2018

The Krude Experience - Down Time

Down Time

With the weather in the Northeast section of the USA being extra nippy as of late,Krude finds himself with a little down time. Best to take care of business,then pleasure while home grounded. Even Krude knows his role in society: TCB Elvis knew his acronyms.

Doing taxes now is a big benefit in the Krude world. I expect a sizable refund and the IRS starts accepting filings the 3rd week of January. Lucky me that my father is an accountant (among other sordid things) and I learned a bunch about 'creative' accounting. Nothing like waking up on a Friday late in Jan or early Feb with an extra chunk of greenbacks in the bank,courtesy of Uncle Scam. Actually,courtesy of me. I over pay the weekly paycheck tax during the year. It's my money the Gov is returning. But state tax is the issue. In NJ,Chris Christie managed to piss away all the tax $ brought in leaving many people waiting forever for their refund. Fuck him. Good riddance.

Krude been laying off the hooch so far this new year. Some health issues and the meds prescribed can cause an bad reaction with booze. Sucks. But necessary.

Super Bowl is coming soon. Prop bets,greasy finger food and a get out of the doghouse with the broad for one night pass. SB games have been pretty good lately. Not like the blowouts of yesteryear. I hope the Vikings win it all this season. Those poor fans in Minnesota. Vikings were always on the losing end of the aforementioned SB blowouts. And I hope Mike Zimmer's eyesight is clear if they win the Silver Ginzo er Lombardi trophy.

Some people like to curl up with a good book on a cold winter day. Not Krude. Vintage 70's porn on DVD is the Krude choice. In particular,any John Holmes feature. This time it's Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls directed by the legendary Bob Chinn. Perfect adult entertainment. Remember,when your chick finds your stash of smut,its better to be caught with vintage features than transvestite midget bukkake.

Stay chill while keeping warm



Friday, January 5, 2018

Beer Of The Week - Old Milwaukee


We all know the saying "everything old is new again" as it pertains to most things in life, and beers are no exception. We have featured many classic beers at bumwinebob.com that were once very popular in their heyday and are now making a resurgence once again.

"Brewed since 1849, Old Milwaukee is steeped in American tradition and heritage. For over 160 years, Old Mil has been an accessible great-tasting beer enjoyed by all. Born in the beer capitol of the United States, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Old Mil is a trusted, high-quality beer that continually receives national awards and accolades from beer experts and festivals across America. This is beer built right." - oldmilwaukee.com

Old Milwaukee is coming in at 4.6% ABV and is an award winning, classic, basic beer. Each sip goes down smooth and tastes great. Perfect for any occasion.

Remember to check out the Bumming with Bobcat Merch Store on TeePublic for some great deals on classic bWb t-shirts along with other great designs from the TeePublic community! Are koozies more your thing? Order some bWb brown bag specials! Head to shop.bumwinebob.com and order the final set of 2017 bWb brown bag specials for only $8! 

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

BWB NFL PICK'EM 2017 - Final Standings

That's all folks! The 2017 NFL regular season has come to a close, and that means it's game over for the bWb NFL Pick'Em league. 

For the first time ever we have co-winners! Both The Stalkers and Kyle were standing tall with 170 total points when the final whistle blew for week 17. Congrats guys and thanks again to everyone who was a part of the league this year as we look forward to doing it again next season! Cheers!

RankPick Set NameTotal PtsW-L
1The Stalkers170170-86
4Mad Dogs 20/20167167-89
5Do Your Job part 3165165-91
7Bum Wine Bob164164-92
8The Maple Leafs163163-93
9Cyber Bully163163-93
12Night Train Express151151-105
13KAPN KRUDE148148-108
15Slyder Balzcock IWS8989-167

Stay tuned to bumwinebob.com and Bumming with Bobcat every Monday LIVE at 10pm EST on sfdradio.com for all the latest updates during the NFL season! Want to keep your drinks cool and looking stylish? Head to shop.bumwinebob.com and order some bWb koozies along with other great bWb swag! Grab a drink and enjoy the 2017 NFL season! Cheers!

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Krude Experience - Ain't It Fun

Ain't It Fun

Former POTUS Obama was recently quoted as saying that ' now is the best time in history to be born'. Krude doesn't always see eye to eye with a vast many of presidential statements.But this time I must agree. Now is 2018.And it's a great time to be alive.

Just stop everything and take a look around. Never has achieving pleasure been more pronounced in our human existence i.e. Shopping at our fingertips and items delivered quickly.Antiquated Marijuana laws are being voted out by Us. Music that can be played anywhere wirelessly. Movies and sports broadcasts in HD with superior sound at home. Online dating takes the legwork (and wallet busting) out of picking up chicks. Who really needs to obsessively complain about current politics or foul weather? Those are mild annoyances.Life is about living and doing.Not complaining.

I can often dip into my past and drudge up some solid,old memories. Mostly good. And others frightening. But I'm more in tune to creating new and different experiences. I like what I like. But even that can get boring. More is out there somewhere. Finding that 'more' is the challenge.

Looks like 2018 will be a Krude exercise in fresh hedonism and occasional familiar kicks. Hopefully bail $ can be transferred by PayPal.

Life for ALL from here on in will be a total mindfucker. Krude will stay real. And grounded. Guaranteed. Mahalo.

Love and kisses....