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Monday, April 24, 2017

The Krude Experience - Summer Concert Guide 2017

Krude Summer Concert Guide 2017

It is almost that time again. No,not your old lady's time of the month.Summer is getting near and Krude is getting ready for a hot,sticky season of booze,broads,bbq,and live music-four of my favorite things. So grease up your debit card and prepare to dip your chip into world of bank account draining summer entertainment. Zantac optional.

What really gets to me every summer is the way bands package the gigs so that they can ensure packed houses while charging premium prices for tickets and t shirts. For instance,Def Leppard is touring with Poison and Tesla. Now ordinarily,none of those bands could fill a concert shed (outdoor venue) on their own. Put them together on same bill,and sold out shows everywhere. And high average ticket prices for the fans. That's how these old time bands pay their bills these days. But for the fans of just one of those bands,the problem is the reduced set times. If Bret Michaels rocks your world,I'm sorry but Poison only gets 70 minutes of stage time opening for Leppard. That's not nearly enough Bret for the average Poison fan. But that is how most big summer tours are operating. Summer bummer. Thanks Live Nation. Not.

Krude doesn't often go to a gig that has 3 headliner bands at reduced set times. I like shows that have no opening act and band play their balls and/or ovaries off for 2 hours of more. Ween(balls) is a prime example of this.

U2 is celebrating 30 years of The Joshua Tree album with a summer stadium tour. Avoid these greedy musical hacks at all costs. They suck. And have sucked hard since 1984.

Florida Georgia Line will be coming to a shed near you this summer. FGL is just a bumpkin version of Nickelback,who just smile more. Krude would only go to this gig for the plethora of chicks. I would wear industrial ear plugs and bring 12 rubbers with me. And hopefully I could sneak in some whiskey as well. FGL are lame,but chicks dig it. Mahalo.

Phish is a band for trust fund babies that grow up to be 'wooks' and follow Phish from gig to gig.All the while selling drugs or grilled cheese sandwiches in the parking lot of Phish gigs to get tix to next show. Phish is not a Krude favorite at all.But they do have a cool light show and plenty of trippy,hippy,patchouli chicks attending their shows. And they can really PLAY. Unlike U2.

Lady Gaga is on the road this summer. Regardless of personal musical preferences,this tour is tops in Krude's book to witness. Gaga is the real deal. Musical and entertaining. She killed it at Super Bowl halftime. Without Prince (sobs) being around,Gaga now wears the American musical crown. Save up yer sheckles and go. And have the time of your life.

The Field:

Guns N' Roses- maybe
Kings of Leon- never
Metallica- only if Lars spontaneously combusts on his drumstool every night
Deep Purple/Alice Cooper- yes
Ed Sheeran- who?
Luke Bryan- better than Toby Keith
Dave Matthews Band- if you are white,affluent,and like to party safely,you already bought tickets to DMB

Any original music band that plays a nearby club and charges less than $20 a ticket- YES

Enjoy your summer. Don't call Krude for bail $. I have a new chick that gets the other half of my paycheck.

Grillin' and chillin'


Friday, April 21, 2017

Malt Liquor Of The Week - Colt 45 High Gravity Lager

Since the classic Colt 45 was named the 2017 BWB Battle Of The Booze Champion earlier this month, let's keep the ball rolling this week with Colt 45 High Gravity! Coming in at 8.5% the high gravity offering beats its counterpart by 2.9% (regular Colt 45 is 5.6%) in the ABV category, but how does it compare otherwise?

I finally got my hands on a couple cans of the Colt 45 High Gravity Lager about a month ago during one of my recent liquor store adventures. I was on my way to meet up with Kapn Krude at Biggies in Carlstadt, NJ when I stopped in the Heights Beer & Wine Emporium to check out their stock. At first I was underwhelmed since there were no 40's and no bum wine to be found, but after helping a nice Asian man try to find some Guinness (unsuccessfully since this was right after St. Patrick's Day and they looked to be sold out), I stumbled upon the 24oz cans of Colt 45 High Gravity on the shelf in one of the coolers. So, I grabbed a few cans and was on my way.

I gave the first can a try during my fantasy baseball draft the next night, but wasn't too impressed with the results. It has the usual malt liquor taste with a bit of a funky aftertaste. Is it drinkable? Yes. Is it better than the classic Colt 45? No way. Will it get you drunk? At 8.5% drink a few of these bad boys and you will be feeling fine! Like other high gravity lagers, make sure to drink it before it gets warm, otherwise it will not be too pleasant. 

High Gravity Lager : ABV: 8.5%

Malt Liquor : ABV: 5.6%

"For an extra kick, get some COLT 45 High Gravity. It has a higher alcohol percentage than traditional COLT 45, so make sure you can handle yours. " - colt45maltliquor.com

Colt 45 High Gravity is the BWB Malt Liquor Of The Week! Grab a can and enjoy! Cheers!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

McStud's BuzzBallz BLUEBERRY BLITZ Review

Put those balls to your mouth and spend Thirsty Thursday with another McStud beverage review!

What does McStud have on tap for us today? Click that play button below!


Want more McStud? Stay tuned to bumwinebob.com for more reviews and you can always check out McStud on YoutubeFacebook, and at his McStud's Tasty Alcoholic Beverages Reviews page! Cheers!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Chris Redar's Before-After Review

Over the course of the last couple of months, I've been exploring the world of Rinkuskiai brewing, which appears to exist exclusively as a high-gravity hell on the cheap for snobs that just can't be seen holding a can of delicious Steel Reserve. At the high end, we had a 16% behemoth by the name of Fuggin' Awesome, which tasted as good as getting punched in the asshole feels. Since then, we've come down the ladder (the 15% monstrosity known as Crazy Brewski, which deactivated several of my taste buds, and 14 percentage points of pure hell in Hell on High, which is sewer water that also makes you sad). Rinkuskiai wisely skipped 13, as it is unlucky, and went to 12% with Before-After.

Is it as atrocious as its big sisters?

Pour- n/a

Mouthfeel- n/a

Taste- n/a

Finish- n/a

That's right-- Before-After had zero everything. It was like drinking a glass of orange water that had me buzzed up after a while. And as such, I feel it is my duty to crown it as the all-time best bum craft beer in the WORLD. For eight bucks American you can have two of these and be stumbling around your yard like a one-legged ostrich, naked as the day you were born. If the neighbors have anything to say about it, simply flip a couch cushion, scrounge up another four bucks in quarters and dimes, and get them tore down as well!

There is no scenario in life that can't be improved with the presence of Before-After. Radiator overheating? Pour 16.9oz of the orange cure-all in there and you actually gain 50 horsepower! Job got you stressing out? Keep one of these in your thermos and see how many emails you give a flying shit about by 10am! Even your sex life will improve, because there's no way you're gonna be able to feel anything with this rotgut in your system. You can bone forever!!

I'm currently planning a trip to Lithuania to personally shake the hand of Ernest T. Rinkuskiai for his juice of heaven. The value of this beverage for the frugal problem drinker cannot be overstated.

Highly recommended.

Chris Redar
Staff Writer- Last Rites
Follow me on Twitter: @chris_redar

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Get WILD with Rosie in a skirt

Are you ready to get wild? Wild Irish Rose Wild Fruit with Ginseng is the BWB Bum Wine Of The Week on tap for you to enjoy during this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat!

Bum Wine Bob and Kapn Krude recently cracked open a bottle at Biggies in Carlstadt, NJ to give a try for the first time, and what was the verdict? "The taste was pleasant, shockingly. Best bum wine I ever tasted. Truth." 

Listen to this weeks podcast to hear more about this fine bum wine and the magic of ginseng!

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All that and MORE featured on this weeks episode! Grab a drink and give it a listen. Cheers!

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Krude Experience - Rising Costs

Rising Costs

It always seems as though anything Krude really likes or uses on a regular basis eventually gets compromised in a huge way.Whether it's a product that goes discontinued or a price jump that is unwarranted,I am aware of it immediately. And a recently proposed price jump of my favorite bourbon got 'ol Krude's panties in a bunch.  

A gallon of milk in my neighborhood sells for $3.29/gallon. Regular unleaded gas sells for $2.24/gallon-full serve (NJ law). Very reasonable costs. No issues.

Bookers Bourbon costs $50/bottle here in Lodi,NJ. It costs around $75 in Manhattan. But a little birdy (Internet sources) tells Krude of an impending price increase to Bookers Bourbon. For a 2017 batch of Bookers,the price will double to over $100 (or more) a bottle. A shocking jump in price. I understand that Bookers is a single barrel bourbon of high proof.But with the Jim Beam people (Bookers makers) doubling the price without warning,it is soul crushing to the average Joe's of the world. Krude sad.

Lucky me that a new liquor store opened in my home town and stocked a few 2016 bottles of Bookers. I grabbed 2 bottles at $60 each (no complaints) and partied in AC with one. The other bottle is sitting in a neutral site- my new broads house. She would never drink it in a million years. I wouldn't want her to. Bookers is for the boys. Amen.

So Krude is thinking: What's next? Will it be my fancy body wash that smells like vintage 1970's Hai Karate cologne? Or will it be the cheesesticks I recently tried and am addicted to now? Who knows? Who cares? I do. That's who.

So,if your favorite booze or whatever takes an upwards climb in price or becomes extinct,you have Krude's sympathy. $ is tight everywhere. But the same can't be said for pussy....

Beer,wine,or sangria-Beefsteak Charlie had it right



Friday, April 14, 2017

Bum Wine Of The Week - Wild Irish Rose Wild Fruit with Ginseng

Want to make your Good Friday a GREAT Friday? Pick up a bottle of Wild Irish Rose Wild Fruit with Ginseng for your East Sunday celebrations!

Did the world really need a ginseng and bum wine combination? Well you are in luck because Richards just thinks of everything. Wild Irish Rose Wild Fruit with Ginseng is one of the fine varieties of Wild Irish Rose currently available for purchase. It took some time, I finally got my hands on a bottle thanks to Kapn Krude.

Wild Irish Rose Wild Fruit with Ginseng has a rose look to it, but the only thing that kills it is the bouquet. If you are trying to pass this off on a non bum wine drinker don't let them sniff it, since it wears a strong cologne. We tried to get the waitress at Biggie's Clam Bar to give it a taste, but she said the owner would not approve. (Not sure if it was not approving of her having a drink or our choice of beverage.) At least she was nice enough to have the $10 uncorking fee waived for us. Maybe because it was a twist cap? Maybe they felt sorry for us for drinking this in the first place?

What's the verdict? Here is Kapn Krude's thoughts on the Wild I with Ginseng:

"Wild Irish Rose Wild Fruit with Ginseng. I found this bum wine in Atlantic City NJ a few weeks back. Never seen it anywhere before. Not sure why.

So what you see in the video link provided, is the first time me and Bum Wine Bob ever tried Wild I Ginseng.

We were sitting at Biggie's Clam Bar near Giants Stadium in NJ. Our waitress let us know that there would be a $10 uncorking fee. No use in explaining to her that we had a twist off top bum wine. She brought over real wine glasses and BWB twisted off the cap. It looked like a rose' wine but smelled pure bottom shelf. The taste was pleasant, shockingly. Best bum wine I ever tasted. Truth. At 17% apv,you can't beat this booze for taste and wickedness. But the ginseng is the key to this beverage. We drank about 3/4 of the bottle. So we each had about 300 ml. That 300 ml kept me awake all night. Not too much of a buzz,but I couldn't keep my eyes closed. I went to work the next day feeling funky. Not hung over,just tired and semi wired. And wanting more Wild I with ginseng. Word.

I'll be in AC again in two weeks. I'm buying more of this hooch. No doubt. And I'm gonna share it with a wild girl who loves vodka. Say a prayer for us now. Cheers. KK"

Krude sent word that he did in fact pick up the last two bottles of the Wild I this past weekend while he was down in AC. Good times indeed.

This was the first time drinking a bum wine in a bar for both Kapn Krude and Bum Wine Bob, so we didn't know what to expect. Check out the video below for the whole review and our thoughts as we sip on this fine bum wine.

If you are lucky enough to see a bottle of this in your travels, be sure to pick one up. And if you don't, be sure to ask for it. Wild Irish Rose Wild Fruit with Ginseng is the BWB Bum Wine Of The Week and also fits great in a bWb brown bag koozie!

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