Pick Your Poison!

There might be some of you that are newcomers to the bum wine world. That's quite alright. I am here to help educate you. Let's get started with the top 5 bum wines that a fine consumer like yourself can buy.

Night Train Express


MD 20/20

Wild Irish Rose


I will be going into more detail on the good and bad of these fine products as we move along. Some of them have a variety of different flavors for your enjoyment as well. You will not be finding any of these bum wines at your local Bottle King or other high end liquor store. No, no, no. These can only be found at some local shit hole bottom of the barrel liquor store.

I will be sharing with you fun bum wine related stories of many rides on the night train as well as some of the fine bum wine concoctions that you yourself can make at home. While drinking some of these bum wines straight up might taste like garbage, there are some drinks that can be made using them that are mighty tasty.

Until next time..keep on spreading the good word.
What's the word? Thunderbird!

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