The Week in Bum Wine 3/23 - 3/29

Good evening bum wine fans! What a week it has been in the world of bum wine! I have to say that in the last month or so of this blog, this past week has had the most commotion so far. Bum wine fever has been spreading through the twitter world and the word has been traveling fast. Due to popular demand I have started my expansion into the world of malt liquor and last night I enjoyed a delicious 40oz King Cobra!

40oz of premium malt liquor!
I do have to say that the King Cobra was actually not that bad, since honestly I was expecting a lot worse. It went down smooth, and for only $2.25 you can't go wrong! This is a sign of things to come as I continue the expansion here at Bumming with Bobcat.

Now onto what you all have been waiting for: The best bum wine tweets of the week for 3/23 to 3/29!

Putting your Mad Dog 20/20 in a small glass fools no one.

Oh man haven't had a bum wine tasting in for eeeever! Ill let you know if we're gunna do it.

Brick of wild Irish rose too? RT : NO. RT : Mad Dog on point 😁

beer sucks liquor sucks table and jug wines suck horray bum wine *swigs the md20/20

You love the Mad Dog. Therefore you're worth a follow #2020

Lmao , I had totally forgotten about Thunderbird until reminded me about it

MD 20/20. Cheap And Gone Get Me Where I Need To Be.

In some ways, wild ones are my favorites. Oh, that sounds divine. Wild Irish Rose ♥ Love it.

How come The Bee doesn't have anyone covering the box & screw-top wine beat: Night Train Express, Thunderbird? I might read that.

you know the wild irish rose, thunderbird, md 20/20, night train and cisco

just poot the order for s case of night train, picking it up most likely the 8th of April .. will post pix

A five course dinner, each course paired with a different flavor of MD 20/20

get a 40 of olde e ($3) bottle of thunderbird bum wine ($5).Drink half of each. Mix remaining halves together. Add coolaid powder

Wild Irish Rose is some shitty round about way to say "Water" in Toledo.

Sippin on a nice cold MD 20/20 Habanero Lime-a-rita. So flavorful..... Loving it!

Last time everything was spinning for me I was drunk off a whole bottle of MD 20/20 & 2 glasses of Jack and coke. Obvi I puked

Oh I will.....The Night Train Express is non stop to Drunkville !!!

I am on a mission tomorrow. I haven't been able 2 find any Night Train.I have 1/2 assed looked but tomorrow I am full ass looking!

MD 20/20 comes in Red and White , $1.50 bottle

OH. Where MD 20/20 is available in the dairy case.

can i drink wild irish rose?

Woo-hoo - it's Friday Night!! Or as you losers call it - just another night alone with a bottle of MD 20/20 and a chaser of bitter despair

what's the word? Thunderbird! What's the price? A dollar twice !

I'm "Wild Irish Rose" broke

I use to think MD 20|20 was made in Maryland 🙈

Lmaooo!! RT : bum wine cures all problems!

Last summer when I was going through that lil wack ass “break up”… Wild Irish Rose got me thru some days.. I ain’t eem gon lie

Huh... they still make Mad Dog 20/20 look at that...

Richard's Wild Irish Rose or Mad Dog 20/20....who needs to make up names, that's some pretty toxic crap

I'm "Boones Farm, Cisco, Mad Dog 20/20" old

Cheap horrible drunk? Mad dog 20/20. Will make you bark like hell lolololol

Mix 40 of steel reserve and MD 20/20 orange jubilee

dude. I think I know you.

If you're going to AC this year, you need to have a bum wine tasting so i can try out some more! xD

S.O. to . MD 20/20 expert and bum wine connoisseur.

What do you mean you don't serve Zima OR MD 20/20? I'd like to talk to your manager.

orange jubille

Anyone want to get boones farm wasted with me? Maybe some MD 20/20?

A pine apple, cherry, strawberry, n watermelon slushy with MD 20/20 n patron would be lovely right now!!!!!!

It's all about MD 20/20

I ❤️Irish rose goes down smooth..

is that Nighttrain as in THE Nighttrain from the GNR song??

Yes. GNR did name the song after that "....mean wine"

Buck Bunny was MD 20/20s answer to jagermeister. Much too sweet for KFC.

a better question would be what aren't we drinking tonight? Been one of those weeks & it's only Wed.

Mad Dog 20/20 that is all!

I'm sure my brother appreciates that I call his five month old daughter Madelynn, Mad Dog 20/20.

go to a bar and order a glass of thunderbird then say in a serious tone "leave the bottle"

My professor is talking about how he mixes Mad Dog 20/20 and Vodka!

: “: Here's our spread from the bum wine tasting of 2011.

OG Grandaddy Purple MD 20/20

and on the 7th day.. god drank thunderbird, and saw that it was good!

one of these days we should petition e & j gallo to bring back though ive heard it only is 5%

I just got a follow from the account...does that make me an alchy??

Familiarity breeds contempt. In the case of this bum wine, it merely reinforces the tolerance of its chemical notes.

Mad Dog 20/20 I forgot bout that shit

Wow i just dranked a whole bottle of md 20/20 & barely have a little buzz smh

I love MD 20/20. It does the job and its delicious. Whats the problem?

I'm 2 old to drink MD 20/20 but a new unopened bottle is just staring at me and I'm thirsty.

Hey you need to add malt liquors to your repertoire. Up the street cred holmes.

shit I'm still on Sunday night bum wine

I once sat on a couch in the dark w/2 other guys drinking Wild Irish Rose & watching Dirty Dancing. That SHOULD count as a ménage a trois.

Tonight, it's a handle of Wild Irish Rose, Dominos Pizza, and standup comedy. Rockband if we're lucky.

You come to visit, we'll pull out all the oldies: Mad Dog 20/20 AND Thunderbird

Does anyone want my MD 20/20? It's strawberry kiwi...Its opened tho coz I got a glass but I don't like it lol

my fav bumwine is motherhumpin night train

cisco strawberry actually tastes really dangeriously good

wine is my shit lately . I've had that MD before that shit gets you buzzn . I prefer merlot 😋

now you have to drink all the bum wines *one of us.. one of us.. i bet is drinking thunderbird as we speak :)

coming soon - buckfast. The world worst 'Abbey beer/product'

I had the Cisco berry . It tastes pretty good .

Cheers buddy - I try! I've reviewed some pretty nasty shit myself haha

When a story begins with, "So I sat the Mad Dog 20/20 on the counter," you know it's going to be good...

Watching I (Almost ) Got Away With It on Investigation Discovery. Dude fled to Florida and got busted for stealing a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20

That Cisco wine wasn't too bad . I miss my merlot .

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