The Week in Bum Wine 3/30 - 4/5

Did your tweets make the cut this week? The top bum wine tweets for the week of 3/30 - 4/5!

am I doing this right?

just washed down my birth control pill with mad dog 20/20

Drinking MD 20/20 Don't ask me why, i don't understand either.

Had no idea that Mogan David was Mad Dog 20/20....

The Parks and Rec episode this week had a bottle of MD 20/20 in it. Best episode ever.

A MD 20/20 sounds nice right now

omg ew I'm so sorry in future don't tag me in tweets saying mad dog 20/20 because I will look through your page 

I think I'm getting on MD 20/20 & Cisco in a few

I dont even like red wine, but md 20/20 red grape wine i love

MD 20/20 was my BESTFRIEND last night 

I feel like someone beat the crap out of more MD 20/20 for me

And if you gaze for long into the bum wine, the bum wine gazes also into you. - Nietzsche

Holy crap ... i didn't think md 20/20 orange jubilee would be that good!!! Dangerious dangerous wine!!!

I want sum MD 20/20

Sum sum , straw berry festival  MD 20/20

bum drinking it up! MD 20/20

So who's up for a night of Mad Dog 20/20 & bad decisions?

I just saw a cooler full of md 20/20, Cisco and boones farm in this corner store.


if yall think i'm not buying $40 worth of MD 20/'re wrong

What y'all know about that Mad dog 20/20?

You had me at mad dog 20-20

Historic television moment: Bottle of Mad Dog on during prime time.

Them white guhs love that Thunderbird and Wild Irish Rose thoo

next stop on Night Train Express- Hangover Central

Md 20/20 and this tmw

Wild Irish Rose Wednesday!

how can anyone call MD 20/20 Bum wine? Shit gets you drunk with $4...

Why am I just discovering MD 20/20?

hahaha look who followed me after your mad dog 20/20 comment.

has a fine collection of fancy spirits, but I gotta party with my fellow New Jerseyite & his refined palate for booze

Where's the Blue Raspberry MD 20/20?

It's like this Mad Dog 20/20 doesn't know it's 2014 or I'm still living in the 90's? Whatever, I'm still drinking this ghetto wine though.

orange jubilee + sprite = mountain dew

If only Parker had developed a drink problem he could have been Thunderbird Wine.

i got a one way ticket on the express

can we open up the malt liquor debate? Cobra vs 211 vs St Ides vs Mickeys GO

I want some bum wine

MD 20/20 orange jubilee added to my favorites

Kelly comes staggering into mine a emotional wreck with her md 20/20 in a emerge sport bottle

Ready and ampt up for the Draft Day premere tonite CANT WAIT (Bart Scot voice)

This weekend I'm need three bottles of md 20/20 however tf you spell it !

If you guys need me I'll be sharing some MD 20/20 with the guy that lives under the overpass. Let me know what the report says pls...

Never will I ever in my whole entire life, drink MD 20/20. That shit is disgusting, cheap, and it gives you the nastiest hangover ever

If you still drink MD 20/20's, please do me a solid and elevate your drinking game.

Is MAD DOG 20/20 considered a verity? I drank that while camping once. Illness followed a long hot afternoon.

LOL, I just found out what Wild Irish Rose and Thunderbird are!!!

Mad Dog 20/20 found in toolbox. Sobriety crises temporarily averted.

I've this craving for Mad Dog 20/20. Probably been 20 years since I drank some! Bum wine at its finest/worst. You can still get it, right?

try MD 20/20. Only need half of it to get you feeling nice 

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