The Week in Bum Wine 4/6 - 4/12

Spring has sprung and bum wine season is officially here! It has been a beautiful weekend to enjoy some fine bum wine with a little malt liquor on the side! Starting off your Saturday with a nice 40oz of Colt 45 and ending the day with some Green Apple Cisco is always a recipe for a good day.

Premium malt liquor!
What can I say that hasn't already been said about Colt 45? At this point I think if you haven't tried it, you have heard enough stories about it to know the deal. 40oz of premium malt liquor at its finest and for only $2.75! You cant go wrong with that!

Bad for business.
Now the Green Apple Cisco is another beast all together. Especially when the bottle was opened in July of 2013 and has been sitting on the floor, warm, and collecting dust since then. Opening that bottle after almost a year you could just imagine what it smelled like. Oh man, it was bad. And taking a sip of warm Cisco is even worse. Green Apple Cisco is bad to begin with, but when it is warm and the bottle is covered in dust, that makes it even more terrible.

Now onto what you all have been waiting for! The top bum wine tweets of the week! Did your tweets make the cut this week? Let's find out!

Sometimes i wonder why bum wine producers bother making glass bottles.. hell Steel Reserve 40 comes in a plastic bottle now, want proof?

cisco berry goes well with chili cornbread

Looks like brisk but it's really Melon MD 20/20 

ever see the walmart commercials, when they trick people at a steakhouse or produce stand? Do the same w/bumwine lol

: why yall like MD 20/20 that shit nasty asf fr !”  nooooo. That's all I drink. It's cheap. Fruity. And get you fucked up

do they even sell MD 20/20 anymore? Vodka?? haven't drank that since high school.

: When it comes to wine, what bottle do you always have on hand? RT to share!” Mad Dog 20/20.

No bitch it's too early for a MD 20/20.. Or is it?

looks like orange jubilee has turned another person in to a bumwineo

"It's nice that you enjoy it OP, but I fear this is like posting on a wine connoisseur forum "Does anyone like that Mad Dog 20/20?"" GAMERS

To All Connoisseurs Of Mad Dog 20/20. We Asked A Brewmaster To Review Cheap Wine & Basically, He Wasn't Thrilled.

Night Train Express : Retweet if you LOVE

thanks to thunderbird wine I'm not sure if i can walk!

When 50 people are chanting your name you have no choice but to chug an MD 20/20

but wait, there's more!

We're living large tonight!

Fuck house arrest   I wish someone would bring me a old E or a mad dog 20/20


Vic n her mad dog 20/20

Vic with the mad dog 20/20

I'll report back with how this goes

the STRAWBERRY is tasty. Peach is good with sprite. Berry it tolerable.

because who doesn't need a little MD 20/20, Night Train Express, Thunderbird, Cisco or Wild Irish Rose once in a while!

Just saw a bottle of MD 20/20 on the sidewalk, and was immediately transported back to 1983! Those were the days.

Krude juice recipe: mix 2 parts Wild Irish Rose 1 part Goldschlager and 1 part Everclear. Shake with ice cubes,strain. Enjoy.

a review from bum wine dot com states "our research indicates that MD 20/20 is the best of the bum wines at making you feel warm inside"

Wow, I bet after you drink that it's just like throwing up on a Hawaiian vacation.

: Get some of the good stuff! - AHAHAHAHAHA, dey got'chu faw, holla @'em

The Kickstarter for a short film where is an integral part of the plot:

sum MD 20/20, NightTrain and Thuderbird huh HAHAHAAAAA

It takes $1.99 RT : I need to get my hands on a bottle of Thunderbird T.C. and I dont care what it takes!

MD 20/20 for the weekend

have you seen the new "Coco Loco" MD 20/20? On the back of the bottle it Says u can get "cray cray" lol

A bottle of MD 20/20 and the right song...every woman becomes a stripper

Cup #1 Banana Red MD 20/20 & Pineapple Juice  .

Buzz keeps kosher with Mad Dog 20/20: Sommelier Marnie Old explains the history of Passover wine. in the

I love that you have gone to the trouble of 'decanting' your Night Train. Letting it breathe?

You do know can get expensive... Do Giveaways! Send me a box of it!

A Thunderbird wine menu luge just happens with the spectacular Nate Howell. @ Thunderbird

Having pasta and garlic bread tonight. What goes with tangy pasta sauce? Ahhh yes...

lmao only thing they sell in the hood is Bull Mad dog20/20 Wild Irish Rose and ThunderBird

lifehack replace the orange juice in a mimosa with md 20/20 for a refreshing morning treat

This college student +MD 20/20=epic fail Holla on the tho. how bout u

Rockin the MD takes time, practice and love but most of all it takes class.

I still have that md 20/20 bottle under my bed & your seeds lupe lmfao

Rounding the corner to the weekend. After I finish this lab I'm mentally checked out.

I haven't had Thunderbird wine in 20 years. That drink was the Ant & Dec of the early 90's: it was everywhere, always.

Fancy some art by Brian Humek? Came across this jewel working on a short story & thought of you!

Thunderbird wine has a strong bouquet of citrus, turmeric and struggle

I know back in my drinking days I used to use empty antifreeze containers to conceal my MD 20/20 in public places

Now we run express to Wilson. This portion of my day sponsored by Mad Dog 20/20.

Wild Irish rose big bottle

Doing Sunday right in the new apt.

Couldn't believe I saw 3 bottles of UV & a dude drinking a MD 20/20 with a Twizzler as soon as I walked in. Shit was beyond me.

I <3 that for Andy Dwyer has a bottle of MD 20/20 in the limo :)

MD 20/20 RT : 211 Steel Reserve RT : What's one drink that you used to drink that you can't drink anymore?"

I Love MD 20/20

stocking up on blue rasberry, electric melon, & orange, md 20/20's on friday so i can get fucked the fuck up after prom saturday

Local corner store's selection of wine includes Wild Irish Rose. I'm worried about my future.

MD 20/20 is the Skittles of the booze world. Except with Skittles I can usually find my panties.

I hope you all enjoyed the tweets of the week! Did you tweets not make the cut this week? Keep tweeting about bum wine this week and come back next Sunday to find out if you made it to the big time! Also, if any of you have any more ideas for bum wine related posts, feel free to let me know and maybe we can make it a reality! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and keep spreading the word!

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