The Week in Bum Wine 4/13 - 4/19

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a very enjoyable day and were able to enjoy some bum wine in the process! It has been a slow week in the bum wine world so I'm sorry for the lack of posts this week. Hopefully next week will bring some more excitement for all of you here. As I said previously, if any of you are interested in writing some posts here let me know and we can work out an agreement.

A bottle of white and bottle of red for Easter!
While it has been a slow week here at Bumming with Bobcat, there are always a great variety of conversation going on in the bum wine world of twitter. So without further adieu here are the top bum wine tweets for the week of 4/13 to 4/19!

Apr 19
Discussing bum wines from each side of the Atlantic with . Now wondering what would happen if you mixed Buckfast with MD 20/20.

challenge accepted! I got the MD 20/20. Someone get me the Buckfast!

you are very brave, godspeed

what do u guys mix with md 20/20 help

1St bottle gone i need a sponsorship

Trying To Buy MD 20/20 's . What's Your Fav. Flavor ?

Warning: white people drink Mad dog 20/20

MD 20/20 Sangria. It sounds scary, but  

Truly America is the home of terrifying drinks. I thought Cisco in its many colors looked bad, but there's also this:

Sidenote: whatever happened to killing a bottle if Mad Dog 20/20 Dreamcicle and calling that a "wild night"? Butane?

please find this woman and make her our Queen.

Studies say that a bottle of wine a day won't effect my health. My question is it still acceptable if it's mad dog 20/20 out of a brown bag?

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