The Week in Bum Wine 4/27 - 5/3

Good evening bum wine fans! Another week is in the books and so is another week of bum wine tweets!

what's proper etiquette? Drink out of bag or leave in?

I read an article that said MD 20/ 20 is the most effective way to rid your house of fruit flies.

next up in june... bum liquor.. from $3 pints of vodka to sickening $6 fifths of "whiskey" ... no canadian booze, not ever

Finna drink some Mad Dog 20/20 and go fight people on the street like this is GTA V

MD 20/20? This is why we are considered ghetto!!

Who can get me a MD 20/20 ?

I don't even know how to ...

Mad Dog 20/20 is where dreams go to die. That shit is tragic.

: Not since the Clinton Administration. RT : Do people still drink MD 20/20? Um iParty

the only wine worth drinking is wild irish rose - increase your bum wine game

$550k to have sex with a virgin? Do these guys know how cheap MD 20/20 is?

How much MAD DOG 20/20 do I have to drink, to be 16 again?

Lmao!! What y'all know about that good ol MD 20/20?!!

only drinks Mad Dog 20-20 and Steel Reserve. For breakfast.

Get me an MD 20/20 & I'm down for whatever

Being an alcoholic must be really expensive. Even if you're drinking Mad Dog 20/20 or cheap ass wine.

All aboard the Night Train express!

Lmao...high school days...does anyone even drink this garbage anymore? Do they still make it? O_o

Case of Night Train Express!! Bottoms up

I don't know what's more pathetic, that I'm buying Wild Irish Rose at 10:30am on a Thursday or that I'm paying for it with rolled pennies.

How well do you know your bum wines? My favorite is Mad Dog 20/20. A staple in the high school and college days....

*puts vibrator in shoebox* *takes outside* *digs hole* *buries shoebox* *opens Mad Dog 20/20* *pours on ground* *For the homies we've lost*

I fux w Wild Irish Rose mixed w Thunderbird cc:

Not much on fancy expensive wines. If you offer me wine I prefer Mad Dog 20/20

Lemme get dat wild irish rose and a free durex plz

This is a great combo yeap that's MAD DOG 20/20 I'm a

It's a MD 20/20 kinda night.

Hell yea!! The Thunderbird motel!!! Wonder if there are any vacancies??

They really have a twitter acct for Mad dog 20/2, Wild Irish Rose, Thunderbolt, and Cisco called Bum Wines

Qui drinking Orange flavored Mad Dog 20/20 on a Tuesday night. I can't even attain that level of class.

I drink Wild Irish Rose and MD 20/20 any day of the year. To be completely real.

Budweiser canceled its advertising for the Clippers ... They gone be selling mad dog 20/20 tonight

I'm a mad dog man , but I respect the shit outta you Thunderbird drinkers and Night Train Express hooligans

Bum wine had a rich history in this country for a beverage that is often an afterthought at liquor stores

bought my ticket to that train

MD 20/20 bombs at dusk. Jesus.

Hard to believe 7 years has gone by. I will have to have a Mad Dog 20/20 this weekend to celebrate your birthday...

Boi I betted a bottle of md 20/20 with a og that the heat was gone lose one guess ill b stopping at abc liqour store on break tomorrow

I think all he does is brew bum wine for a living. Calls it chemistry to avoid taxes

T -3 days till i pick up my case of express

All hail !

I remember I went to school drunk once lol Home ec Put MD 20/20 in a Gatorade bottle. Sippin on it in class... That was a fun day

When I was a kid...bottle of wine a day = WINO...Ripple, Night Train, Wild Irish Rose, etc.

: Ya'll Mama Joyce drink Mad Dog 20/20 And thunderbird” md 20/20 was good and wild Irish rose!

So Today I Finally Tried MD 20/20 For The First Time..Yo They Poppin..Im With It!!

A man who looks like Bum Wine personified 

Md 20/20 last night

That MD 20/20 will get you.

MD 20/20 + blue moon = double moon

I've always felt moscato is not a real wine but a transitional drink for newbies. Much like boones farm and md 20/20's were in high school.

MD 20/20 this summer 

Mad dog 20/20 absolutely got me shmammered!!!

Bum wines and colt 45s

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