The Week in Bum Wine 5/4 - 5/10

First off I want to wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the great mothers out there. Hopefully you all enjoyed your day and some fine bum wine or malt liquor in the process!

Fine malt liquor!
Without further adieu here what was happening in the world of bum wine for the past week!

Why can't I say it again?
  May 10
Found a new flavor of MD 20/20 today!! THANK YOU, SOUTH BEND

  May 10
Coco Loco MadDog tastes like vodka-infused suntan lotion initially, but the finish is so smooth.

Cheap $3 moscato wine, brandy, trip sec, sparkling water & fruit. Whip it up and you got fancy white sangria.

Finally got my hands on some Coco Loco in South Bend, Indiana!

strawberry kiwi. Not my favorite but it got the job done

May 10
Installing Server 2012 R2 Datacenter on (heavily upgraded) laptop. Good times. :-)

the 13" tv vcr combo on a tv tray makes it look hood. The MD 20/20 does contribute also

I love bum wine

. My first "drunk" was on peach schnapps and Mad Dog 20/20. I'm from Michigan. That's how we lived it up back then.

are German terrorists and I'm John McClane yippy ki yay liver.

md 20/20 in my back pocket. They say that looks like "alcoholism" i think it looks hood. Opinions?

May 9
<--Once drank Mad Dog 20/20 in the shower, because it was Grapefruit flavored and therefore was considered a "breakfast drink".

Is the Mad Dog 20/20 from a good year?

Its been a good wk,but i gotta say getting followed by was pretty sweet. So tip your MD 20/20, NT, TBird and Boone's

I'll be there drinking MD 20/20 out of a paper bag as usual.

You know you've had a mediocre life when your greatest achievement is tanning a bottle of mad dog 20/20 in one

just realised that bum wine twitter page favourited our posts last night!  

My fave brands: 1) Night Train 2) Cisco 3) Thunderbird 4) md 2020 4) Wild irish rose Its a tie for the forth ranking

dressed like homeless & did blind taste test in front of County Couthouse w/ MD 20/20 & Night Train. Lots participated!

I would trade Johnny Manziel for a bottle of MD 20 20

I woulda been drafted by MD 20/20 and Milwaukees best

Any good fishing trip needs a nice celebratory drink. Georgia's Finest. ...

You don't no what you do got me all over you and I don't no what to dooo! Awww blast from the past spinning on an md 20/20

Who can afford that after taxes... Night Train or Wild Irish Rose.... now that's the ticket...

MD 20/20 is good shit

I'm about to have a degree, why am I still drinking MD 20/20?

: Already at least 11 beers deep but this mad dog is gonna have me blacked out”

If you had $5 left in your pocket what would you spend it on? — MD 20/20 or Old Milwaukee

Mad dog is number one for bum wines.

I saw an old black man with a handle bar mustache debating over flavors of bonesfarm. is getting classy

Miller High Life: The Mad Dog 20/20 Of Beer

last night i referred to myself as a bum wine princess and i think that's something i need to do more often

Watching Princess Bride and drinking... um.. idk what it is lol... jk it's Mad Dog 20/20 and I have FIREBALL!

omg i just thought of something, beer bonging bum wine challenge .. people posting vids of people beer bonging thunderbird

BUMAPALUSA! First game.. bum pong ... same way beer pong but substitute the beer with MD 20/20

It's a Mad Dog 20/20 kinda Tuesday

: MD 20/20 OUT OF LINE WITH THIS your 8th grade desires


Bum wine and strawberry iceing <3 I'm kind of a fatty.

Running out of beers on laundry night. Might have to swap to MD 20/20.

OYE! I'll take the Mad-dogarita, one the rocks, no salt por favor!!!

remember when I had that md 20/20 phase for about 5 minutes?

get some night train bum wine. its may 5th

Night train RT : Cisco or Mad Dog 20/20 RT : Beer RT : What's the worst alcohol you've ever drank ?

just bought some MD 20/20 at a gas station oh

I want some MD 20/20 blue razz berry <<<<

Md 20/20 to drop the panties

Md 20/20 dragon fruit is very dangerous when mixed with bourbon

MD 20/20

Drunk late night phone calls sponsored by Mad Dog 20/20 but all the I love u txts I meant <3

Md 20 20 orange flavour and she called it 'md'

Yep. Reason #23 why we plan to move. And yes, that is a bottle of MD 20/20 on the neighbor's porch. I…

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