The Week in Bum Wine 5/11 - 5/17

It's never really a party until you break out the bum wine, and when it's true, it's true. What can I say? I've said it once and I will say it again, as long as you have a 40 and some bum wine, you are going to have a good time.

All the party essentials right here.
Mix up some Thunder Dew, some Night Mist, and throw in a little bling bling and you are ready to party! Even if you can't get the bottle of MD 20/20 open, you can always find a way to make it happen. Just watch and learn!

It's good to see that the makers of MD 20/20 are now trying to childproof their bottles, but that is nothing that a corkscrew and knife cant fix! You know what they say, where there is a will there is a way!

That's enough of that. Now what was everyone tweeting about this week? Let's take a look!

MD 20/20 got us like...

Got a full tank of gas 2 bottles of Wild Irish Rose, some Busch Light, and a compass.

Taking pulls of mad dog 20/20 in the parking lot with the FAM

That MD 20/20 will sneak up on your ass.

Thot All Pro: 10. MD 20/20 9. 99 Apples 8. Hypnotiq 7. Alize 6. 4Loko* 5. Malibu 4. Peach Ciroc 3.Barefoot Moscato 2. Nuvo 1. Strawberita

Nicole drinks Zima and Mad Dog 20/20.

Mad dog 20/20 is doing me dirty

Discussing the variety of flavors of Mad Dog 20/20 with my family

cheap and high abv could equate to bum wine / md2020 undefined

I like to think the "strawberry wine" Deana Carter blacked out on before losing her virginity was actually strawberry Mad Dog 20/20.

Thinking of drinking something different tonight. Hypnotiq? Absolut Chicago (rosemary)? Bum wine in a brown paper bag?

Are U sure it wasn't TJ Swann's "Mellow Days"? MD 20/20 burned your gizzard. Or was it Thunderbird? Tasted like grape hair tonic!

make mine a MD 20/20, classy drinks for a classy lady!

One of the alumn gave me a nickname yesterday. I am now known as: MD 20/20

My pen is the exact same shade of blue as MD 20/20 Blue Raspberry yeah wow. onit

ever had green apple MD? I can't find it anywhere

Mad dog 20/20 is so mf good

MD 20/20 or a bottle of Buckfast?? A canny decide?? This is so hard?? Both??

Mad Dog 20 goddamn 20. I think that speaks for itself.

I feel like I should be drinking mad dog 20/20 and making bad decisions with this music.


MD 20/20 & sliced ham in front of me at Ghetto Fiesta.

I will shed a tear if I see a Mad Dog 20/20 in a plastic bottle

I saw MD 20/20 at a bar in Denver..... Bonkers!!! /20

No one drink the green MD 20/20 it's trifling as hell!!

Thanks to last night's tweets about in Newark, I am now being followed by . I couldn't be happier.

Try MD 20/20 or Night Train : Aaaaand Thunderbird has just stopped working

UD arrests woman for shoplifting $42 worth of wine. Hey, in her defense, it's not easy concealing 10 bottles of Mad Dog 20/20.

You should see all the MD 20/20 bottles washed up in my yard from all the rain

My idea of a date is Burger King and Mad Dog 20/20...I'll spend $2.00 on you any day. -Guy hitting on the woman next to me.

I've been drinking Mad Dog 20/20 all week.

Can't wait until your tour hits Newark NJ and you toast us all with a bottle of Night Train Express wine.

Wondering that the hell Katy's going to drink for us when she hits Newark. Hurricane Malt Liquor?

Minute Maid Fruit Punch and the Red MD 20/20 and Ciroc Amaretto mixed with sweet & sour mixer will have you sooooo FUCKED!! Taste no alchol!

Catch me in a kiddy pool on my front lawn wearing a umbrella hat in my red Brazilian bikini drinking a MD 20/20 bumping return of the mac

i want to drink at least 5 bottles of MD 20/20 all to myself at my party. Blue & red please

oh I am a very avid MD 20/20 enthusiast

>think about bum wine last night >wake up dizzy and nauseous The Bird is strong

Mad dog 20/20 power hour did me dirty

They still drinking St. Ives and Cisco out here?!

i was walking that old mad dog 20/20

It's that MD 20/20. ;-)

where da cisco @!!

weather at sowo says 70 all weekend. 30% chance of rain, but 100% chance of mad dog 20/20.

last night I microwaved some like frozen vindaloo tray thing that serves six that's been in my freezer for 6+ months. Ate it all. MD 20/20..

theres a movie on called the cisco kid... to bad its just a western lolololololololol

MD 20/20 when you really just don't give a fuck.

You seriously need to lay off the Mad Dog 20/20.

New MD 20/20 chug record 14.4 seconds

awwwwwww boo the communion cup samples I got in the mail is grape juice and not thunderbird wine. Wanted to get toooooore uppppppp

Mad Dog 20/20 all up in ya belly.....

Well I know my bro and his friends would do the heavy lifting for a couple of mad dog 20/20's and some Popeyes so there's that

": I need to buy a bottle for my birthday....any suggestions followers?!"mad dog 20/20

Well, I squandered my tax refund on a quart of Mad Dog 20/20 like some kind of high roller.

This man smell like MD 20/20 and piss...way too early for this shiiii

the first time I got drunk I was 11 and Heather and I raided her mom's stash of Mad Dog 20/20

I like The Island because it's basically scout camp without the MD 20/20 and Rage Against the Machine tapes /20

All I'm after's a bottle of the finest MD 20/20

"Don't you ever talk bad about my Moscato"-Richard Sherman voice.

mini maddog for your handbag

"This is night train EXPRESS! You know what that means? I'm on a fast train!"

Mad dog 20/20 Because broke people like to get drunk too

So no one wants to smash a bottle of MD 20/20 w me? more for me than fuck you guys

Eating sour skittles drinking md 20/20

My bro is drinking the leftover MD 20/20 from last night lol . Alcoholism at it's finest

MD 20/20 also known as Mad Dog, it's a bum wine. Wolves drink it and they are left with nasty headaches the next day

I wonder what happened to mad dog 20/20

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