The Week in Bum Wine 5/25 - 5/31

Oh word? It's Sunday night again. I apologize for the lack of posts recently, but don't worry big things will be coming soon. Currently we have our team working on some Bumming with Bobcat logos and t-shirt ideas, so once these are ready you will be the first to know! Also, if everything goes according to plan we will be having a new rant columnist here to help give everyone some added material throughout the week.

Before I get to the tweets of the week, I'm going to start off with the week in pictures and highlight some of the fine beverages I enjoyed this weekend!

Night Kan Jam and MD 20/20!
Steel Reserve Triple Export
Miller Fortune!

A sneak peek at some of the new logos coming soon!

June is here and that means that the Summer bum wine season is about to start. I was already talking and trying to get a better stock of MD 20/20 flavors at one of my local shops, so we will see how that goes. This guy hasn't restocked the bum wine secrion in over a year so I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. I'm just trying to get a better variety out there for all you readers. Only seeing the same 4 or 5 flavors when there are so many more out there is disappointing.

That enough of that. Now on to the tweets of the week!

I think we should pull an old school & pick up that Mad Dog 20/20.

Feed your newborn MD 20/20.


I think I met you and your friend last night. I was the one drinking the MD 20/20 and you said I was crazy haha

Low point or high point? Restocking a bachelor party weekend in Gloucester and the Food Lion cashier makes fun of my MD 20/20 purchase.

Dude idk who's md 20/20 it was I his grabbed it and drank some and gave it to others lol

Thanks to I now have following me! I have arrived!

: Searching all of Los Angeles for MD 20/20” RIP Los Angeles if you find some.

Can't wait to get back onnit tonight  x

I drink.........MD 20/20......right now. Weird, right? Yes, I'm serious. No, I'm not hacked. Yes, I'm bored.

My new friends were giving me shit about drinking an MD 20/20 straight. How else you suppose to drink it? Lol

If you drink mad dog 20/20 your a bum

''She sounds like a classy broad. You know what classy broads like? Mad Dog 20/20 and a value pack of condoms.''

Why does md 20/20 say bling bling

drinks mad dog 20/20 in the local middle school parking lot

Idk why but I bought an MD 20/20 yesterday

seems to know his bum wines... RT : Anyone know where I can pick up some Night Train or Brass Monkey? Not kidding.

drinks that brought out my nigganess. Henny, Still Reserve, Mad Dog 20/20, Tanqueray, E&J, and Southern Comfort..

Fridays should always include the three B's: Broads Bourbon Bum Wine

My boyfriend has never had MD 20/20 and he is looking at me like a crackhead bc i said they were good

Throw-up Thursday. Remember that time you drank too much Mad Dog 20/20 and ... what? Throwback Thursday? Oh. Never mind.

MD 20/20 makes a plain grape wine.. 13% alkeyhawwwl


Wine and MD 20/20 last night drinking :) 

Ramen w/ steakhouse seasoning, vs thunderbird vs night train.. THUNDERBIRD takes the gold cuz it tastes like pepperoni pizza! (warm wine)

bum wine and pizza wish you were here ok not really stay away 

I still have a bottle of MD 20 20 and wanna go to the pool today

Which flavor of Mad Dog 20/20 are you?

mad dog saved my family

Nick is ripped on MD 20/20 bling bling blue razz and rambling some nonsense about big Hollywood turning their back on him

Night Train Express is great because it cleans your toilet when you throw it back up.

I only drink at bars that serve Mad Dog 20/20 on tap.

Time for that MD 20/20 shit no more pussy drinks

Whelp everyone at the dive bar just confirmed that MD 20/20 is a hangover sent personally from satan- clearly I've found my people.

Donald Sterling is so strange and unpredictable. Too much Mad Dog 20/ 20 I think. The Buck Bunny twisted licorice flavor i bet.

Where can I find bum wine

Does anywhere in London sell purple MD 20/20?

Has anyone else lived off Mad Dog 20/20 for a couple weeks?

Garçon, bring me your finest Mad Dog 20/20, preferably grape drink.

WednesdayWineday ! We offer a flight of Night Train Express & Thunderbird! Two street classics. You can almost taste the creosote!

WednesdayWineday! , , & E&JGallo offer classic street wine tasting: NightTrainExpress & Thunderbird 

If they didn't want me to drink in the morning then why did they make MD 20/20 Orange Jubilee perfectly resemble OJ?

Drank enough boones farm this weekend to take out an entire sweet 16 party.

I drank a whole md 20/20 earlier and crashed out lol

I’ve never had 20/20 or Bum Wine so this is a new learning experience

what's word? Thunderbird. What's the price? 30 twice. How's it sold? Nice and cold.

Stay away from that bum wine people! They got me!

I'd suck the acid out of a car battery and spit into a thunderstorm before I'd ever drink MD 20/20 again.

I never realized my twitter friends had the pallets of British royalty.

in 2 seconds, the internet referred to MD 20/20 as a: 1. Flavor fortified wine 2. Bum wine

Just was discussing this w/ someone and may as well open it up to the field. How terrible was Mad Dog 20|20? Haha

Mad dog 20/20,RT : “: What should we drink today?” Yes.

My date was too tired to come over tonight and now I have no idea what I am going to do with this mad dog 20/20. ? ?

Everybody is coming out with a summer brew. Who's next? Mad Dog 20/20?

I can't fuck with you if I get invited to your party and there's only MD 20/20 to drink.

This MD 20/20 taste like WD-40

Found MD 20/20 down Atlantic city! Hahahaha. Getting mwi for sure.

Shoutout those cargo shorts I ha that let me fit 6 mad dog 20/20 in my pockets at the same time #100

A cookout ain't a cookout without Mad Dog 20/20!

MD 20/20 drinkers... let me know when you graduate to an even lower than bottom shelf wine

Folk getting on the train with md 20/20, well prepared for the big weekend!

Drinking some mad dog 20/20, eating little Caesars and watching . Aka living the American dream.

I would like to give a special shout out to my new follower Cactus Matt (@Bob_A_Booey) who sent me this great bum wine inspired song!
Keep spreading the good word and drink some bum wine! Bottoms up!

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