The Week in Bum Wine 5/18 - 5/24

Happy Memorial Day weekend to my fellow Americans! I hope you all have a good weekend and celebrate America to it's fullest! To my other non-American readers out there, I hope you all had a fine weekend as well!

If you readers remember last weekends post, we enjoyed a good amount of bum wine last Saturday night. While I usually don't drink on Sundays, I made an exception last weekend. After meeting one of my followers in person, we enjoyed a glass of Mountain Dew Baja Blast and Thunderbird that we have dubbed "Bird Blast". This ranks right up there with the original Thunder Dew, so if you get a chance to try some make sure you go for it!

Bird Blast!
While the weekend is not over yet, I have not enjoyed any bum wine as of Sunday afternoon. I did venture off and enjoy a Mang-o-Rita last night that was enjoyable. These seem to be an attempt by Anheuser-Busch to corner the bum wine market while not directly saying so. I'm onto your games Anheuser-Busch, so you can't put anything past me! I had a Straw-Ber-Rita last summer, and heard good things about the Mang-o-Rita, so I figured why not give that one a try as well! These are drinks that are good for a one and done in a 25 ounce can so you can move on to something better.


What was the word this week? Let's get to the tweets!



haha Im disapointed! You would have never made it in the 80's ! Maybe you need some Mad Dog 20 /20 haha

MD 20/20

Boones is sick. Imma beer lady.

This MD 20/20 taste like WD-40

What better way to celebrate my best friends graduation than to down mad dog 20/20 and make bad decisions...

need that MD 20/20

Drink the MD 20/20 and stay home or wait for a call to drive somewhere and then drink the MD?

I like to dress up fancy and then sit at home and drink mad dog 20/20 while I read my tweets and chortle.

I personally like Md 20/20

If I walk into ANY function and see MD 20/20, I'm calling the cops.

Soooooo.... Who wana drink some md 20/20 wit me?

Day drinking mad dog 20/20 orange jubilee

Lol one time we did 3 rounds of BP, 2 bottles of md 20/20 then continuous shots of Bombay and more mixed drinks and we were still good

Ripple would have gotten more traction in the marketplace if not for the competing payment systems Thunderbird, Night Train, and MD 20/20.

MD 20/20 will have my ass drunk and horny in 3.4 minutes

So Outback is now offering moonshine BBQ. Did I miss the Mad Dog 20 20 BBQ?

is still my favorite follower

I got some smoke and xans but we out tryna find a liqour store now dey all closed we gotta fw MD 20 20

What kind of road trip isn't complete without ?

If you drink Mad dog 20/20,E&J or 4 loko you hate life and you suicidal

Now i got to grab my Mad Dog 20/20 out refrigerator. That baby has been chillin and waiting for me lol!

Ice cold Wild Irish Rose to start off the night

Just *thinking* about Strawberry Hill makes me want to vomit.. add in Mad Dog 20/20, Cisco & all that cheap shit I drank as a dumb teenager.

I owe the liquor store $474 for Mad Dog 20/20 purchases over the last month

Everytime someone wants me to get them MD 20/20 I just want to throw up

Gon get me a bottle of wild Irish rose and sit by the pool with some shades on....

Gonna be on that MD 20/20 tonight.

"I just brought a bottle of mad dog 20/20 and I've got some rum for us" unsure how I feel about this, but I'm gonna say HAPPY.


Was MD 20/20 Thot Juice before lime a ritas

Every time I say I'm never gonna drink Mad Dog 20/20 again I do & regret it soooooo bad

Smh we had a heap if fucking liquor last night ! MD 20/20 , 2 bottles of pinnacle , some X-rated , kinky , & boone's farm !

Kind of scared to drink MD 20/20 considering my last experience with it 

MD 20/20 had me on my level

The office manage just talked about mad dog 20/20... I miss my teammates :(

": *wonders what wine goes with Weekend Twitter*" ummmm.... MD 20/20.... ,hic...

I'll pass. Lol! 1st thing I ever got drunk on was grape Mad dog 20/20. Never. Again.

I ain't had md 20/20 since october. I drank 6 fifths of that shit

It's throwback Thursday huh...where can I find a MD 20/20?

I lived in the midwest. It always seemed to be Mickeys and Bum Wine for cheap delinquent drinking. And Jager

I had one of those last night lol

daddy bought me an MD 20/20 to 'boost my spirits' lol

I was the victim of reverse racism as I bought the last 4 Olde E glass 40's in town. "my man got 4 of them shits" 

Mad Dog 20/20, now that's some old school shit and brings back memories. And it's only $9 for a gallon.

MD 20/20

Cravin 2 bottles of MD 20/20 x

I'm sippin on MD 20/20 haha haven't had this shit since like middle school  whatever floats the birthday girls boat


fuck some MD 20/20 would be good if they sold it up here

Any song can be an epic rap/dance anthem with enough Mad Dog 20/20! *plays MmmBop on loop *busts dope dance moves *dies of shame

You stretched that $20. 2 bottles of MD 20/20 and dollar menu all weekend.

MD 20/20, moscato, and Bloody Mary's were all poor life choices last night.

Mad Dog 20/20 Banana Red

Really craving some Boone's Farm and MD 20/20 now

They sell mad dog 20/20 nd wine in the gas station

My liver hated me when I was in college drinking aristocrat, ever clear, devils springs, thunderbird, 4locos, and MD 20/20's....

mad dog 20/20 is bum liquor

my dad just came out of a heart procedure &when asked what he'd like 2order he proclaimed fatback & thunderbird wine.

ah fond memories of youth and mad dog 20 20 with richards wild irish rose thrown in for good measure! :)

straight Mad Dog 20/20, no extra charge for the umbrella, cherry, and pink curly straw.

I Will not talk about this man who just bought Wild Irish Rose before 630am

I always feel like a hobo whenever I drink md 20/20

Riding the Night Train Express tonight...

let's make luv...and drink thunderbird wine

Ratchets drink mad dog 20/20 outta wine glass

My old friends use to drink wild Irish rose & get on the pole in the alley.  I use to be watching them sober as fuck!

Tonight I'm drinking Dragon fruit Mad Dog lol  

mila Kunis could endorse MD 20/20 and I'd b in!

3 liquors , md 20/20, strawberita and a blunt !! Hmm how im feeling ? LMFAOOO0

So today I wore a purple glow stick around my neck and it would turn purple if I was stressed. I look like a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20.

Two classics paired ! Enjoy a Wineday flight of Mad Dog 20/20 with all you can eat Kraft Mac&Cheeze hot from the microwave! 5-5:15

Still can't believe we got pulled over by the cops on my golf cart last night while drinking a Mad Dog 20/20

fah graduation I'm drinking Ciroc , 40oz , MAD DOG 20/20 , bud lights , & ion know what else lol

Ice storm 2004 I was stuck in a dorm are sc state with nothing but mad dog 20/20 to bring in my birthday

First time I got drunk was off of Mad Dog 20/20 grape flavor...

For my first decision as a 23-year-old human......I choose to drink all this bum wine.

A zantac 150 and a good bottle of bum wine = very fucked up. Legendary hangover to follow. Enjoy

nothing ends well that begins with mad dog 20/20

I'm still trying to get a hold of that MD 20/20 blue raspberry brother told me leave the malt liquor alone though

Mad Dog 20/20 Lime gents...Kryptonite Green for your protection.

1-2 Cut that grass & have a glass of Wine!

MD 20/20 is disgusting but fuck

How ash got off the truck threw a bottle of MD 20/20 and told me here put this up.. she be pulling alcohol outta thin air :D

That will destroy our stomachs at our age. Can't believe they still sell NightTrain and MD 20/20.

I'm going to for some wine after the keynote > Meet me there! Great venue for wine lovers!

Raspberry MD 20/20 is awesome with sprite.

Good evening, ladies. Care for a drink?

My ratchett ass drank an entire bottle of MD 20/20 last night. Tf is wrong with me?

mad dog 20:20. It was fortified wine. Bit stronger than alcopops. And came before those. Disgusting

if we can get Mad Dog 20/20 in cans then life as we know it will be complete gents!!

so i really should drink Thunderbird wine! hey are you reading this? bum wine is healthy

You guys think MD 20/20 is good?

MD 20 20 is really for the sluts

If I Can't Be Happy, I Can At Least Be Drunk

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