Bum Wine Of The Week - Thunderbird - 7/4/14

Happy 4th of July fellow bum wine fans! Since tomorrow is July 4th, I am sharing the bum wine of the week with all you tonight. Since everyone will be out tomorrow drinking and celebrating the USA, I figured I should get this post up tonight before all the festivities begin and everyone gets too drunk to even know what or where this blog is. Now since this is the July 4th edition of "Bum Wine Of The Week", there is really only one bum wine that can achieve that honor and that is the one and only "American Classic" itself, Thunderbird!

The American Classic!
In my opinion this is the only choice for a bum wine that describes America. You can't not pick the bum wine that is labeled the American Classic to be featured as the bum wine of the week on Americas birthday. Whether you are looking to drink a cold glass of Thunderbird straight up, or looking to mix with some Mountain Dew for a cool glass of Thunder Dew, you can't go wrong! For those of you that are Mountain Dew Baja Blast fans, be sure to mix yourself up some Bird Blast as well!

If anyone asks you tomorrow "What's the word?" be sure to tell them the only response that you know, "Thunderbird!" and then be sure to get a USA chant going. That is a sure fire way to get the party pumping!


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