2014: The Year in Bum Wine Review!

***Happy New Year and Welcome to the 2014 Year in Bum Wine Review!***

Could we see Rex Ryan joining the bumwinebob.com team in 2015?
What a wild and crazy year 2014 was in the world of bum wine. I have to say that I'm glad I was able to share it with all you loyal readers out there on the world wide web! We have finally reached the year 2015 and there will be a lot of changes and new features coming soon to bumwinebob.com. Now that Rex Ryan has been fired as the head coach as the New York Jets, the offer is on the table to have him join the bumwinebob.com team! We will welcome Rex to the team with open arms, so I hope he takes us up on the offer! It has been a crazy 11 months since I launched this blog, so go ahead and grab your favorite new years bum wine and let's get right into it!

Welcome to the party!
February 21, 2014 is a day that will live in infamy. It was on that date that Bumming with Bobcat was launched and brought online for the whole world to see. As I said in my very first post, the internet was severely lacking in bum wine blogs and bum wine related content that was updated on a regular basis. I felt that bumwine.com was not doing the product justice anymore, since it was not being updated and was mainly just a resource tool for people to find out what exactly bum wine is. I wanted to take it to the next level and give the people a place where they could come and share with me, my stories about bum wine, while also sharing their own adventures as well. Starting with a few daily features on each of the top 5 bum wines, the blog was ready to take off to the next level.

The best of the best right here!
Over the next few months I would do a weekly recap feature highlighting some of the top bum wine events of the week. This would involve scouring all over the world of twitter to find what exactly the people were tweeting about and what they wanted to see featured and focused on. It was in June that I was contacted by Cactus Matt and asked if I wanted to do a guest spot on his weekly radio show, Stern Universe, to talk about the wonders of bum wine to all his listeners. I joined Matt, Maxxwell, and Zach on their show to talk bum wine and we all shared some of your favorite bum wine and 211 memories for all their listeners to enjoy. It was at that time that they brought up the idea of me doing a weekly spot on their show to highlight my special "Bum Wine of the Week".  I took them up on the offer and joined them for a few more shows to talk about my special bum wine pick of the week on each of their shows. Sadly, Matt fell off the wagon and is still trying to get himself clean, so good luck to you buddy, we are rooting for you!
The BWB Logo created by Cactus Matt.
Even without the weekly radio promotion, the blog was starting to hit it's stride and gain a nice following. People were starting to look forward to the BWOTW and TWIBW posts each week. At this point I decided to take the blog to the next level as I branched out to Kickstarter to find some projects that I felt the readers of this blog would find interesting and possibly be interested in backing. This lead to a variety of guest bloggers joining the reigns to talk about their various drinking escapades and some of their ideas that they felt could help enhance the world of drinking in general. These proved to be a great success and I hope to work with some more in the future!

Bum Wine Bob on the road searching for more bum wine!
It was in the summer of 2014 that Bum Wine Bob took the blog on the road! While the whole world was having World Cup fever, the great city of Boston and Fenway Park, Martha's Vineyard, Yankee Stadium, MetLife Stadium, and the PNC bank art center in New Jersey were just some of the places that got to experience Bum Wine Bob in person.

A little Motley Crue concert Night Mist!
As the summer went on we saw the promotion of the BWB brand starting to hit on all cylinders with the official debut of the Bummin' with Bobcat t-shirts online and in person!

With the arrival of fall came the end of the unofficial bum wine season. But with the end of one season, came the beginning of a new chapter! The Night Train Express was named the first ever Bum Wine of the Month for September and lead us into the month of October, where we saw Thunder Dew given the honor as being named the first ever Bum Wine Concoction of the Week for Halloween 2014!

With the holiday season fast approaching, I was contacted by Matt and Jay over at IWS Radio about doing a guest spot on their radio show to talk bum wine and ways to keep it cheap for the holidays. I was also given the esteemed honor of being named the highly regarded IWS Person of the Week! We talked bum wine, malt liquor, cheap beers, and anything and everything else that could help you have a good time during the holiday season without breaking the bank. A great time was had by all, and I look forward to working with them again in 2015!

As the year was coming to a close, I found one more project on Kickstarter that caught my eye. This was a project by The Grape Girls. Two girls that didn't know much about wine, but were looking to learn more and document their process along the way in the form of a web series. I reached out to them, and they offered to do a special guest boxed wine video review for the blog. Sweet! This turned out to be one of the highest rated posts on the blog and has worked well in the promotion of both our brands. Sadly their Kickstarter did not reach it's goal, but they are still continuing with their project and I'm sure you will be seeing a lot more of them in the future!

With the holidays now coming to a close as we ring in the new year, the possibilities are endless for what 2015 will bring. I'm glad to have you all on board for the ride as we move on to another fun and exciting year here at bumwinebob.com!

Cheers my friends!
As I mentioned in one of my posts last month, the debut of the official "Bumming with Bobcat Radio Show" (clever name pending) will be coming your way in the month of February. The official announcement of the day and time of the show will be coming your way within the next few weeks as we get closer to the debut, so stay tuned for that!

Another special event that will be coming your way within the next few weeks will be the announcement of the first ever Bumming with Bobcat awards ceremony! You've heard of the Emmys, you've heard of the Razzies, and you have even heard of the Slammys! Now we are going to give you the Bummys!
You yourself could win a Bummy!
The best of the best in the world of bum wine will be featured! Did you drink enough bum wine, beers, 40's, or malt liquor to be nominated for an award? Stay tuned to find out! We are also looking for a few special bum wine babes to be featured as award presenters, so if you are interested in filling that position and to help give yourself some extra promotion, let me know!

This could be you!
I want to thank all of you loyal readers for making bumwinebob.com a success in 2014, and I look forward to even bigger and better things in 2015! Do you have any spare change? Make a donation to the blog by clicking the donation link at the top right of the page!

Ready to get wild in 2015? Oh hell yeah!
Are you interested in contributing your own views to bumwinebob.com? Beer, wine, or even the hard stuff? Any type of alcohol. It can be cheap or even fancy if you like! Drop me a line and let me know. I would love to have a few more regular contributors to the blog! Now is the time to hop on the train!

Until next time, what's the word? Thunderbird!

Happy New Year!

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