The Krude Experience - 1/3/15

Chicks Ain't Dumb 

Dateline: 10/28/2014 

Place: Madison Square Garden NYC

The Players: Motley Crue/Alice Cooper

The Participants:
Kapn Krude (the author here) and his date - a tight assed,blue eyed blonde. Rock chick deluxe.

The Damage:
Show tickets
Cab ride

Krude down $550 at the end of the night. $21 for mixed drinks at MSG. Ouch. But enough booze and Dr Feelgood will loosen up even the prudish skirt. Score! And score again. Krude wins.

Nonetheless, Krude's wallet was kinda light for the next few weeks. And I need to drink...

Enter Cisco. Peach Cisco. $2.50. 375ml. (12 oz). Not a wine cooler. Or so it says on the bottle. 18% alcohol. Fortified wine. Fortified with exactly what? One of life's biggest mysteries. Hopefully, nobody will ever find out the truth. Just enjoy the wicked ride it provides.

Tight assed blonde isn't aware of Cisco's much maligned existence. Bullseye!

Back at her place a few nights later. I bring (sneak) the Peach Cisco in my backpack. Chilled, of course. And pour it into classic wine glasses to have with our pizza dinner.

She looks at the glass. Comments on its contents color and scent. "What the fuck is this shit". "It's a new Barefoot flavor, try it". Another sniff. "No fucking way I'm drinking this shit. This isn't Barefoot". I cannot contain my laughter. I confess: "It's bum wine called Cisco. Found only in liquor stores where the cashier is surrounded by bulletproof glass. It will fuck you up in no time though". "You're an asshole". We both laugh. But I drink both glasses of Cisco with dinner. She has Stoli O and Sprite.

My buzz > Her buzz. Krude wins again. And again.

Good times.

More to come....


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