Beer Of The Week - Bud Ice - 3/20/15

Happy Friday and Happy Spring! I hope all of you have fully recovered from your St. Patrick's Day celebrations and are now ready to welcome the beautiful springtime weather! Well...looking outside today you would not know that today is the start of spring due to the amount of snow that is falling, but hopefully this will be the last snow of the year until next winter rolls around and that means we will be able to enjoy some warmer weather.

To give you readers a wider variety of things here at, I decided to keep things exciting and change things up yet again! After introducing the Forty Of The Week last month, and then bringing back the Bum Wine Of The Week for a special holiday installment, this week will be the unveiling of the first ever Beer Of The Week! Along the same lines as the FOTW and BWOTW, the BOTW will be another feature that you can look forward to each Friday at The way I see things going is that we will be doing a variation and switching between each of the features to keep things fun and exciting on the site! Enough with all the legalities of everything, let's get to the action!

For our first Beer Of The Week I decided to pick an old classic that does not get the recognition that it once had, Bud Ice!

Over the past decade or so, Bud Ice has fallen out of favor for the most part and is not the recognizable brand it once was. Most of you remember when Bud Ice was introduced in the 90's with their memorable "Beware Of The Penguins" ad campaign. These ads featured cute little penguins doing their best to cause mischief so they could get their hands on a bottle of Bud Ice. Marketing genius by the people at Anheuser-Busch if you ask me.

Beware The Penguins!
Sadly by the turn of the new millennium Bud Ice was pretty much a forgotten brand. You can still find Bud Ice in most liquor stores, and coming in at 5.5% alc./vol as it is a cheap choice that will get the job done. Pick up a case of Bud Ice this weekend and relive the glory days of the 90's!

Don't forget to tune in this Sunday, 3/22/15 at 11AM ET to another LIVE installment of the BWB Podcast! This weeks show will feature all you need to know about enjoying bum wine in the springtime! We will also be giving you the latest updates as we get prepared for next weeks WrestleMania Kickoff Show! Cheers!
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