What Are The Most Disappointing WrestleMania Moments?

We are one week away from WrestleMania! While this years event does not seem to live up to the usual WrestleMania hype, it gave us a great idea for an open discussion. What are some of the most disappointing wrestlemania moments of all time? It can cover anything from matches, to whole events, to waste of time segments, and really just anything that didn't quite live up to the hype. We will start things off in the post here and give you all a couple of our own most disappointing moments and then open the floor to all of you readers to comment and add some of your own.

Justin -
For me the all-time WrestleMania disappointment was Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus at WM28.  After their match got bumped the previous year I was very excited WWE was making amends and giving them another shot, this time for the World Title.  Bryan had a great douchy heel persona and Sheamus was fairly hot after winning the Royal Rumble.  After being so pissed about the WM27 match being cut, all of my friends kept teasing me about it happening again.  I was like "Guys, it's for the World Title and it's being hyped as one of the top four matches.  No way they bump it."  When the show began and Bryan-Sheamus was announced as the opening match I was actually okay with that because a) it signaled right away they weren't getting bumped again, and b) it guaranteed a really strong opening match.  With a satisfied grin I turned to my friends and said, "See a-holes, they're doin' it right this year."  Aaaaaand then the match lasted 18 seconds.  My friends exploded in laughter, and my brain exploded inside my skull.  My first response was "The bell never rang!  This has to get restarted!"  Then they showed the replay, including the audible opening bell, and I fully realized as a Daniel Bryan fan I had been screwed out of my hard-earned cash for the second straight WrestleMania. 

I fully lost interest in the rest of the show until Punk-Jericho kicked off three hours later, and noted multiple throwaway moments on the show that got more time than the World Title match - Brodus Clay's dance number for example.  The whole situation was so nonsensical it actually hurt my head to think about it.  I still don't understand why anyone thought purposefully not delivering on one of the top four WrestleMania matches of the year was a good idea.  In hindsight it obviously helped Bryan get over because the fans revolted (and still are to this day when it comes to the treatment of the Yes Man), but it did no favors for Sheamus, who won the belt by essentially suckerpunching the heel.  And look, I'm a Sheamus fan.  But this moment may have damaged him more than anything else in his career.

This was just one of those examples of Vince booking purely to amuse himself, the hell with what his paying audience wanted.

Follow-up from Justin's friend Daniel - 

Bob -
For me one of the all-time WrestleMania disappointments was WrestleMania XV. An event that took place during the height of the attitude era should be remember as one of the best of all time one would think. After coming off of two exciting PPV's to start 1999, I can remember being excited for what WrestleMania would bring. At this time the WWE was at the hottest it had ever been. We had just seen the debut of Paul Wight in the WWE a month earlier after being in WCW, we had both the Intercontinental and hardcore titles in the middle of some interesting feuds, and we had Stone Cold looking to regain this WWE Championship and take down The Rock and Vince McMahon's evil Corporation. Sounds like a no-brainer in booking what should be the biggest and most exciting event of the year, right?

Well first let's take the Road Dogg who is in the middle of a feud for the hardcore title and let's take Billy Gunn, who is in the middle of a feud for the Intercontinental championship, and have them switch spots for no reason! Months of stories just flipped a few weeks before the show for no real reason other than to swerve everyone right before the event. 

We also had the pleasure of seeing arguably the worst Hell In A Cell match in history between The Undertaker and The Big Boss Man. Not all was lost in the match as it did feature the quote of the decade by Michael Cole who said that the hell in a cell was a dangerous structure because "You could get a finger stuck in between there." Thanks Cole! To add another insult, after the match was over we were all able to enjoy seeing The Big Boss Man being hung from the top of the cell by the ministry. We would call this the match no one would ever hear about again as it has pretty much been erased from history and is rarely seen or talked about.

Also, don't forget the Brawl For All Match between Butterbean and Bart Gunn that lasted a whopping 35 seconds. There isn't much that can be said about that one.

The show itself did have a few bright spots and some decent matches, but as a whole the event did not live up to the WrestleMania hype. Looking back on the show and the era that it took place in, there was so much more that could have been done to make it one of the best shows of all time. We could sit here all day and go into further detail about the entire show, but we can save that feature for another day.

Now it's time to open the floor. What do you guys think are some of the most disappointing WrestleMania moments of all time? Write your picks in the comment box below!

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