The Krude Experience - 4/17/15

The Fix Is In

The inevitable afterthought a frisky hedonist will have after having their fix of booze and broads will always involve catching some action. Action in the form of 'sit back and a be a spectator' action.

American style action. Consumed by many.

Perfected by none.

Where the only winners are the true sinners.

Enter Gambling.

Sports. Ponies. Dice. Quarters. Three card monte. Etc...

Sports gambling is the topic for this blog. After the hoopla of March Madness has died down,its time to reflect on what really makes this country (USA) go round.

Open up any newspapers' sports section and you will always find the 'Vegas line' for all sports. Point spreads,odds,over/unders etc... Last I checked,sports gambling was illegal in most states.

If sports gambling is illegal in most states,then why would millions of people everywhere be so interested in it?

Because there is $ to be made. By the sinners-the true winners of sports gambling. The people who know what it takes to win. The people who make their own luck.

Ladies and gents,be forewarned.

Your favorite sport is not on the level.

The fix is in. And always has been. If it can be bet on,then it can be manipulated for profit.

Sometimes the fix is so blatantly obvious.

Super Bowl 3. Earl Morrall anybody?

Anybody who ever took a dive boxing Mark Gastineau, former NY Jets player

Any MLB umpire who was behind the plate when Tom Glavine pitched.

Etc. Etc. Etc. Ad infinium.

Those who are in on the fix are those who need the $ most:

Ball boys
College athletes who make millions for their schools displaying their talents-yet will never make it to the pros.
Paul Crewe

A friend of mine is heading to Las Vegas in a few weeks. First thing he asked me about going was "want odds on the Oakland Raiders to win the Super Bowl". "Sure. My $20 bet could return $3k,why not". We both laugh.

Point is: Anything could happen in sports at any time. Sometimes it is better to have your wife or girlfriend choose your sports bets for you-based on team colors.

An alibi for losing is a needed commodity in these tough times.


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