The 3beersin Drinking Adventures - 4/15/15

Hello everyone! My name is Eric, and I'm one of the hosts for a little podcast called 3beersin. Every week (well almost every week) we get together and drink some beers and talk about whatever we want. Today, I wanted to share a fun drinking story, that I hope you will enjoy and laugh at.

Back on Christmas Day 2012, my podcasting partner Sterling came down for a visit in Modesto CA around where I used to live. A group of us decided to meet up at a bowling alley to hang out, and certainly did not expect what was about to happen. Also quick side note, out of respect I'm leaving names out of this story.

Some of us decided to go off and drink in a van, some younger than I wished. We were splitting a large amount of corona and jägermister, and probably more cheap alcohol (I can't exactly remember, my memory is noticeably hazy). As we progressively kept drinking my friends girlfriend had become incredibly intoxicated. It ended up just being the three of us, which involved lots "I'm so glad you guys are together" and "dude you're so awesome" conversations. After a while she had to do what people usually do when they drink a lot. Pee. Excessively. We tried walking her to the bathroom but she couldn't even put one foot in front of the other. This didn't solve the problem obviously, and something needed to be done. She performed the impossible, that I didn't think women even had the ability to do.

She peed in a freaking bottle.

And it wasn't messy. She peed with precision, and marksmanship. As her brother was walking to the van after using the restroom, I told him he might wanna wait a minute, cause his sister was peeing. After she threw the bottle out the window, she collapses and passes out in the van. To paint a mental image this is a large gmc van, which is exactly the kind you're imagining, And she's passed out in that section of the floor in between the door and seats. Her brother and I decide that she's way to drunk and her brother says we gotta make her throw up.

So we did.

We woke her up and we had to help her throw up while she was crying cause she didn't want her boyfriend to see her this way. I ended up having to console her and tell her times I felt sick and had to throw up. It sort of worked, and she was able to continue the night. Suddenly, I noticed her boyfriend was gone. So it was search time.

Also I had to pee.

I walk into the bowling alley bathroom to pee, and me and the boyfriend both walk out of stalls at the same time. He's so astonished that I was in the bathroom with him at the same time his mind couldn't comprehend it. But luckily, he was found, And we were hungry. As we walked out of the bathroom to round everyone up for the eventual Denny's trip.

After realizing that our driver was a little intoxicated, we had to find a sober driver. Which let me tell you, was quite difficult. Which also called for more drinking. When we made it to Denny's, I was at such a level of intoxication that I needed to pee again. Using the bathroom I run into the brother who's sister I helped purge. He thanked me for the help, and gave me a wonderful hug. This hug lasted for a solid 20 seconds, and was great. Almost as great as the food.

20 of us are packed in a table, most of us blasted out of our minds. It makes you really feel for people who work at Denny's, because their clientele is always drunk, and on such a magical day. The funny thing is, I don't remember paying for my food, and I'm pretty sure sterling paid for it.

Eventually, we all made it back to where we lived. I woke up with a pounding head and a new contact in my phone known as Mr. Christmas. And while this night may have been really tame to a lot of people, it was something special to all of us. Because with friends, everything is better. Even Denny's.

If you enjoyed that story and want to here me and sterling talk about random topics while we tip back some drinks, follow us on Twitter at @three_beersin and laugh with us while we be stupid and ramble. Thanks for reading!

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