The Krude Experience - 4/27/15

Public Nudity 2015 Style

Greetings. Your blog author,Kapn Krude, is back for another round of unadulterated Krudeness. I'm born and bred pure Krude,so that I will never run out of topical content to feed the hungry BWB blog minions. It is my pleasure and privlege to write my feelings and opinons for you. And possibly your pleasure for reading my soul bearing prose.So,seatbelts on. Let's Go!.....


Public nudity in the modern (2015) age. It doesn't consist of some weird,exibitionist from the 1970's streaking at a major,nationally televised sporting event (Google that youngsters). It doesn't consist of a $ hungry,sex crazed chick dildo-ing her ass on the internet. Nor does it consist of some dude whipping out his prick to take a leak on a city sidewalk.

Public nudity is now defined by:
Leaving home without a moblie device.
Leaving home without access to the internet.
Leaving home without phone access.

Shit. I know I scared some of you there. But there was a time when somebody went out with just some ID and cash in their pocket. I miss those those days. Yes,I am old enough to remember the 'Good 'ol days' of ass,grass,and cash.

I admit. I feel rather naked these days without my Blackberry Q10 in my pocket. I can keep up with my online dating prospects. I can check Twitter to keep tabs on all my favorite follows (bumwinebob and Missy Monroe). I can check work related emails (that ultimately bring huge commission checks to my bank account). And most importantly,keep tabs on my 17 year old son (who loves death metal-YEAH!).

But the days of going out and just using your own personality and charm (and cash) to win over a chick is what I miss most. Now everything is Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,email.Etc. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Fuck that.

Men have dicks. Chicks have pussies.Simple fact. If you like her,talk to her. Have some guts. No need to exchange emails.Or become friends on Facebook.If she likes you,you will know right away. You won't always win with this approach.But when you do,its awesome. Get some grab-ass too (if you're truly lucky).

Which brings me back to the first time I ever picked up a chick at a bar. I was 19 and at the Cat Club in NYC. I was standing by the bar,drinking a then expensive $3 Rolling Rock beer,when a hot,dark haired girl came up to me. We made some small talk,had a few drinks.... Yada,Yada,Yada. Well,this ain't the Penthouse Forum here. So use your imagination and think Krude here.

I did leave her place the next morning with her phone number. And a massive hangover. Then off to my college class. But it was well worth it.

Booze,broads,and a set of balls. This guy blazed the trail. Huge props.

Rest assured,Kapn Krude is not letting him down. Even to this day



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