Brown Bagging It With Bum Wine Bob Podcast - 6/7/15

Would you look at that? June has arrived and another month of 2015 is in the books. Just look at it! Did you look at it? We are only a few weeks away from the official start of summer and are in the midst of prime bum wine season!

Brown bagging it in the morning on the way to the office? What is your favorite bum wine to start off the day? What types of drink concoctions? Best beers for breakfast? Drinking on the job?

Krude got us started on the topic earlier this week with his latest installment of The Krude Experience, and Dan finished off the week with his induction of Icehouse EDGE as the BWB Beer Of The Week!

We also welcomed Caldor as a new sponsor of the BWB Podcast. Caldor is where you can pick up the new Kid Rock, Devil Without A Cause CD on SALE this week!

Stoned pimp, stoned freak, stoned out of my mind!

It was announced today that The Grape Girls will be special guests on the BWB Podcast next week! They are getting ready to celbrate their first birthday party on 6/26.

Billy Idol is also a big fan of as we found out at his concert last Friday!

All that and MORE was covered in this weeks installment of the BWB Podcast. Check it out and give it a listen. Cheers!

Listen to "Brown Bagging It With Bum Wine Bob" on Spreaker.

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