Beer Of The Week - Icehouse EDGE - 6/5/15

Howdy all my name's Dan Moore and I write about movies, booze & bars on and can be found on Twitter @Southiedanimal. This past weekend in the wilds of New Hampshire I came upon a beverage new to me and here's my thoughts on:

Icehouse EDGE
Size: 24 ounces
Alcohol by volume: 8%
Blackout chances: 1 in 3

First off, if you come upon a 24 ounce beer for less than a dollar, you buy it. It could be Pisswater IPA, but Christ, newspapers cost more than a dollar nowadays. Something that can get you drunk is definitely worth what you'd pay for a diarrhea burger at McDonalds.

Secondly, I have a weakness for the Icehouse brand. It was one of the cheapo brands of beer near the liquor store in my neighborhood growing up that we'd drink on the weekends. When I saw this little beauty, I had to grab it.

When you crack it open, you get that cheap beer smell. In my book, that's fine, because I'm a beer slob, not a beer snob. The beer was ice cold and was quite refreshing for the first few sips. It had a bit of a tin like aftertaste, but it wasn't bad tasting.

The problem was as it got warmer. Admittedly, it was my own fault, as I was in the midst of some serious race car video gaming competitions between me and my idiot friends (I kept trying to run them into the wall, but I suck and ended up on turf repeatedly). As the beer got warmer, the alcohol taste got extremely overpowering. Like I was topping off a beer with a shot of vodka (wait a minute...not a bad idea...). To the point where I had to pour it into a cup and cut it with some Bud Light. As long as it was cold it was delicious. When it was warm, it was like GrandPappy's dumpster moonshine.

Regardless, I recommend any beer that's less than a dollar. This one gets a higher recommendation because of the Icehouse name and insane alcohol content. If getting messed up on the cheap is where your head is at on a Saturday night, you can't go wrong with the Edge. Three of these bad boys and you'll be Helen Keller by the end of the night.

Two thumbs up (four thumbs up cause by the double vision brought on by this illustrious beverage.)

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