The Krude Experience - 6/15/15

Home or Away

To the average sports fan,home or away plays a big part in how somebody may or may not place wager on a game. Home teams often have the sports gambler's confidence moreso than the road team. Crowd noise,weather,playing surface etc... A team playing at its home stadium has its advantages.

To the average alcohol drinker,being at home doesn't always equal having an advantage. It does have its perks: familiar toilet, bed to crash in,privacy. But for the most part,drinking at home gets a bad rap.

Question: Drinking MD2020 out of brown bag on the street or drinking it at home alone? I will always choose the brown bag. Is it a wise choice? No. Open container laws can vary depending on on where you live. Drinking MD at home alone is kinda creepy. Unless your home is a cardboard box with newspaper as blankets.

If you are fortunate to have enough room in your home to entertain a small crowd,then drinking at home is the tits. Your home. Your rules. Plus the added bonus of saving $ on booze. No $12 a shot of Goldsclager at home. You can drink the entire bottle for around $25. It's always great when your guests bring their own choice of party favor. A good host will always supply the ice and plastic cups. And have his choice of available tail to tongue later in the evening.

But to a tomcattin' lush like myself, going out to drink is my panacea. It has molded my personality over the years. It's has given me the social skills needed to succeed in the business I'm in now. Nothing beats being at a bar on NFL Sundays and drinking steadily from 12:30pm to 12am the next day. It's also nice to have Mondays off, like I do.

Being drunk at concerts and sporting events is a rite of passage where I come from. It's almost wrong not to be loaded at such events. I (barely) recall being buzzed at a Rush gig about 10 years ago. Nothing special there. Except at this show, I managed to pick up a chick!?!? Yes,a woman at a Rush show. Probably only one of about 10 total number of women in a crowd of thousands. Geddy,Alex,and Neil would be proud. And shocked.

To all those who drink at home,I raise my rock glass to you.
To all those who drink while being away from home,I raise my rock glass to you.
To all those who just love to drink anywhere, go to AA. Just kidding.

Ex girlfriends > ex wives. Fact of life.
Shit I'm drunk. And home. Go figure.



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