How To Make Prison Wine

Most of my friends know I am a homebrewer and they ask me questions about it quite often. A lot of them tell me they love the idea of making booze at home but its seems too complicated to them. This is where I tell them to start with Prison Wine. Its just exactly as its sounds. Its "wine" that is made in a certain way because in prison they either lack the technical skills or supplies to make a proper wine. Its can be made in about 7-10 days with just a few ingredients.

Prison Wine recipe:
1/2 gallon grape juice
1 cup of sugar
1/2 packet of bread yeast

Pour a little of the grape juice out, enough that you can add the cup of sugar. Once you add the sugar, shake container till the sugar is well blended. Add 1/2 pack of bread yeast then shake again. Leave the lid on the container but loosen enough that air can leak out of the container. In about 12 hours or less you will start to see bubble rising. This is why we leave the cap loose. Fermentation has begun and CO2 is being released. Science is happening!! This will continue for about a week. After a week to 10 days it is ready to drink. I advise pouring into another container because there will be a lot of dead yeast on the bottom that you don't want to drink it. This shouldn't be compared to a 2008 Silver Oak but it will do in a pinch. At the heart of it, this is what happens in all beer, wine, and mead production. Congratulations, you are now a homebrewer.

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Until next time, Bottom Up!

Platt R.


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