The Krude Experience - 7/27/15

My Favorite Criminals 

Being politically correct isn't one my priorities in life. I call it like I see it. Taking a name like 'Krude' to call myself says it all. If the truth hurts,then bring on the pain. Pain is the most accurate measure of truth in human life. Everything else is a redundant sham.

Criminals inflict pain on innocent (and not so innocent) people for a living. Whether physical or psychological,the pain received from a criminal is lasting truth that cannot be denied. Or remedied.

I have chosen a sordid list of notorious deviants and scoundrels to drive home this blog. This blog is more an exercise in knowing right from wrong than just glorifying scumbags. Without these miscreants creating their caustic crimes,I wonder how dull the nightly news would be. It's not like the nightly news will ever give us news that we can use. Instead,we get the cold,hard facts about horrific crimes.Dark weirdness is in our faces at all times.Sometimes I wish I could live in a Bob Ross painting. Pretty trees,flowing rivers, and a thalo blue sky. But alas,I live in Dirty New Jersey. Not bad. Not great. Now onto the sleaze...

Charles Manson

No favorite criminal list would be complete without Corcoran State Prison's most famous resident. Just Google the word 'Charles',and the old failed musician himself pops up first. That's sad to know.

El Chapo

They say money can't buy happiness.But in El Chapo's criminal world,it buys freedom. Brazen escapes from maximum security prisons in Mexico by bribing prison guards with jillions of pesos is Chapo's greatest achievements. And he hates Donald Trump.  

Butch Cassidy

Super old school bank and train robber in the old West. Made more  famous by the George Roy Hill movie about him. By all historical accounts, the word 'affable' could be applied to Butch's MO. The whereabouts of his remains are a hotly contested argument. Dead is dead,in my book.

People in this world will still champion the likes of Bill Cosby,Ben Roethlisberger, George W.Bush etc... Yet,they all belong in jail for their crimes against society. Anybody who would stick up for these slime lords would be hailing true criminals,like I am with this blog. Just not the kind I would put on a favorite criminal list. Hypocrisy isn't part of a Krude world.

The greatest criminals are those who never get caught. Yet,the most worldly recognized crooks are the ones behind bars. Be forewarned.....

Who shot JFK?



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