BWB Labor Day Weekend Wipeout Podcast - 9/6/15

It's Labor Day weekend and the BWB Podcast is back in session! After taking a week off to enjoy one of our final weekends of summer, Bumming With Bobcat is back! Labor day weekend is upon us and that means the unofficial end of summer is here. While there are still technically a few weeks left of summer until fall begins, it will be creeping around that corner so fast that we don't want you to miss out on any of the excitement!
Koverupz get the BWB seal of approval!
We are less than a week away from the start of the 2015 NFL season and that means there are only a few more days left for you to join the BWB NFL Pick 'Em! Krude will be joining the podcast this week to talk some NFL action along with his usual thoughts on the world of babes and booze.

Need a good holiday drink idea? As a special Labor day weekend treat, the Night Mist has been named a special Bum Wine Of The Week Concoction! A definite crowd favorite for all your labor day weekend extravaganzas!

All that and MORE on this weeks episode! Check it out and tell your friends! Cheers!

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