The Krude Experience - 9/7/15

NFL 2015

It's that time again. The 2015 NFL season is a few days away from starting. This is my favorite time of year. Games will be played on 3 different days each week. All teams are still technically in the playoff picture. The hot summer weather starts to cool down a bit. Your whole mind set shifts gears to accommodate all of the upcoming violence based stimuli. And your alcohol intake during this time will be cause for an off season detox period. Amen.

Here is some random Krudeness about NFL 2015:

Players will get pinched by Der fuhrer ahem Roger Goodell for dope,steroids,wife beating,jaywalking,etc... Just hope that player isn't a starter in your fantasy league.

Fact: West Coast NFL fans have it better than East Coast fans. I lived on the left coast for a while and can vouch for this. The time zone difference (3 hours where I lived) means West Coast fans start their football Sundays at 10am (1pm EST). And the late Sunday game comes on around 5:30 pm. On the East coast,all of us football junkies have to stay up until way past midnight during sundays. It's a rough monday morning,especially if your team loses on Sunday.

I often go to a bar to watch the Raiders on the NFL Sunday Ticket. I am usually the only Raiders fan in the joint. Fans of all non local (NJ,NY) teams come to watch their squads on the Ticket. Everybody seems to get along with each other. Even with tons of booze flowing. Except for Steelers fans. They overflow a corner of the bar.Buy 1 $3 bottle of Bud Light per game half. And cry like bitches when the Steelers lose. Cheap,whiny fucks who won't admit Roethlisberger is a serial rapist and that Super Bowl verses the Seahawks wasn't fixed in their favor. And look what they wear. Hahahaha. Tools. 

Betting on football is one of the most American things an American can do in their life. I can't imagine not having some kind of action going during an NFL season.

Women and football,for the most part,don't mix. If your chick wants to hang with you and your buds during your teams' game,put a stop to it. Not worth the headache. And an extra tab at the bar. Just tell her to hang with her mom at a flea market and bring her flowers the next day. Broads like that bullshit. And it'll get you out of the pussy doghouse.

If I'm watching an NFL game at home,I always mute the tv and listen to music while the game is on. That's because NFL game announcers all suck 13 dicks to the dozen. Annoying former pro players mixed with slick,nerdy communications majors doesn't make for quality banter. The exemption to this observation was the team of Bob Trumpy and Don Criqui. Those guys were what you want in game announcing. Nobody comes close in 2015.

I have a hunch my team, the Raiders will actually win more than 4 games this year. Or at least play playoff spoiler to one of their division foes. The Raiders are my team for life. I hope all NFL fans never stray from their favorite teams. For any reason.

May you bet a teaser with a bookie and score some coin off of it.

Win one for the Gipper



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