Classy Sangria

Hello, Bum Wine lovers!

We were so excited to be contacted by Bum Wine Bob to collaborate with him! We love wine, he loves wine … it was a match made in heaven!

When we told him about our cheap and easy Sangria recipe involving jug wine, he asked if we wanted to share it. So we made a video showing you how to make it.

Lambrusco (about $11 for a 1.5 liter jug) or Freschello ($7 for a bottle)
Orange Juice
Fresca (Grapefruit-Citrus Soda)
Orange Slices
Grapefruit Slices
Frozen Grapes

In your container of choice, fill it a little more than halfway with Lambrusco or Freschello. Add a few orange and grapefruit slices for decoration. Add orange juice until container is about 4/5ths full. Then, fill the other 1/5th with Fresca. Add frozen grapes to keep it cold (you can add ice, but who likes to water down their wine? Not us!).

Thanks again to Bum Wine Bob for inviting us to share this recipe! We can be found at


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