The Krude Experience - 10/5/15

Burdock Root

So you've navigated your way onto this website called and come across the weekly blog The Krude Experience,written by a guy who calls himself Kapn Krude. I would think the last place somebody would search the world wide web for healthy vitamin supplement info would be at Well Krude don't play by anybody else's rules. And Krude does know a bunch about natural supplements. So grab some purified water and read on.

Most everybody drinks alcohol at some point of their life. Most people who cruise this website on a regular basis drinks alcohol as lifeblood. Alcohol consumption puts stress on the human liver. Prolonged,excess boozing could lead to permanent damage to the liver. (...yawn...).

What brings me to writing this blog is having a close friend of mine being diagnosed with stage 3 cirrosis of the liver,this past year. Shitty news enough. But my friend is not a drinker. Never has been. Can't blame the booze for his condition. Other factors contributed to his diagnosis. Either way,his liver took a shit on him. And he had no clue something was wrong.

Woke my uninformed ass up.

So instead of crying into my glass of wine,i turned to the internet to check for healthy liver supplements. Couldn't hurt,I reckoned.

Enter Burdock Root into the weird world of Krude. Read a bunch of good things about it. Decided to get it in capsule form from Vitamin Shoppe. Less than $10 for a 1 month supply. I started taking it in November 2014. I immediately noticed my skin looking better after a week. No side effects. Burdock root is known for its liver cleansing properties,among other things. I find myself popping 2 burdock pills after I go drinking now. If I gain an edge in avoiding developing a bad liver,I win. Time will tell. $10 a month ain't bad at all.

My friend was given 18 months to live in October 2014. He was put on the dead donor list for a new liver. At least a 12 month wait.Luckily,he has a cousin that could act as a 'living donor' for a partial liver. Surgery performed August 3,2015. A total success! Thank the heavens.

A long recovery is in front of him. At least 6 months of total rest. Though it's not stopping us from seeing Iron Maiden at Madison Square Garden in March 2016. Plus,my son will be driving our asses to this gig. Yes!

How times have changed. My son is driving. I'm popping all natural supplements everyday. And my good friend is walking around with a bionic liver.

To paraphrase Stone Cold Steve Austin: "Give me a Hell Yeah!"

Life is good. Take advantage of it.



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