Bum Wine Of The Week - Cisco Strawberry

Oh my, bring me the Cisco Wine! It's been almost a year since our last visit with the legendary "liquid crack", but you just can't say no to Cisco! We meet again!

On tap for today's installment of Bum Wine Of The Week is Cisco Strawberry. Just like it's other variations, strawberry Cisco comes in at 18% ALC/VOL and IS NOT A WINE COOLER! Don't let the fancy packaging and crazy colors fool you, Cisco Wine means business.

After cracking open the bottle, the aroma is similar to cough medicine and the taste is only slightly better. I do have to say that it actually does taste somewhat like strawberry, but with some extra burn to go along with it. Once you take a sip you definitely know that you are drinking a "wine" that is 18% ABV. Does it taste bad? Not particularity. Does it taste good? Not at all. When you compare it to the other flavors of Cisco Wine, I would rank strawberry pretty high on the list. I would even say you are better off drinking some Strawberry Cisco Wine instead of Wild Irish Rose or even Thunderbird Wine straight up.

Looking for a nice concoction to make using Strawberry Cisco Wine? Our buddy Krude has got you covered!

Muscle relaxers optional.
"Dumb and Coke: Strawberry Cisco, Coke Zero caffeine free and a muscle relaxer. Only Satan could give it a thumbs up. Tastes like a strong cherry coke Icee. The Coke zero is the key: the Cisco is the sugar and buzz. Coke zero is the taste, no buzz." - @kapn_krude

You don't see or hear too much about Cisco these days, but in early 90's Cisco was a hot topic of conversation. Headlines such as: "Fortified Wine: Five Flavors Of Danger 'Liquid Crack'
Should Be Pulled From Shelves By Liquor Stores", "Cisco Wine Is Full Of Surprises, Alcohol Officials Says", and "Surgeon General Calls Potent Wine a Threat" were all over the news. You know that when the Surgeon General gets involved, shit is about to get real.

After all the complaints, the Federal Trade Commission required the company to put labels on their bottles stating that Cisco is not a wine cooler. They also were told to change the shape and color of their containers and to recall their advertising slogan "Takes you by surprise".

"Recently, "Mad Dog" and "The Bird" have had to move over a little to make room for a slick new kidon the block, a product called Cisco. The product has been around for years, but (is) now only aggressively marketed primarily in the same low-income areas where the older brands of fortified wines have been popular. The problem: This fortified wine looks and tastes like a wine cooler." - 1/6/91

Be sure to grab a bottle of your favorite Cisco Wine and tune in LIVE this Sunday at 11am ET to Bumming with Bobcat! They say that Cisco Wine takes you by surprise, so why not have a show dedicated to all that is a good and bad with Cisco? Have any legendary Cisco drinking stories to tell? Want to be part of the show? The phone lines will be open and you are welcome to call in at 347-826-9598 to join the party. Cheers!

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