Cisco Wine: Takes You By Surprise


You don't see or hear too much about Cisco Wine these days unless you an avid reader, but in early 90's Cisco was a hot topic of conversation.

"Fortified Wine: Five Flavors Of Danger 'Liquid Crack' Should Be Pulled From Shelves By Liquor Stores"

"Cisco Wine Is Full Of Surprises, Alcohol Officials Says"

"Buyer beware! A 12-ounce bottle of Cisco may look harmless, but it contains the alcohol equivalent of five shots of vodka."

"Surgeon General Calls Potent Wine a Threat"

Headlines like these were rocking the nation. You know that when the Surgeon General gets involved, shit is about to get real!

To celebrate 25 years of controversy, we are going to hop in the bum wine time machine and go back to a time when Cisco Wine was the big craze!

Cisco Strawberry has been named the BWB Bum Wine Of The Week for this momentous occasion! Grab a bottle and join the party! You can check out the post here.

Have any cigar questions? We are working on a special cigar pairing show with @iamkap, so if you have any cigar questions send them on over!

All that and MORE was featured on this weeks episode! Next week I will be joined by Justin and Dan from for the BWB Royal Rumble 2016 Kickoff Show! Cheers!

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