BWB 2016 State Of The Union Address

After a month hiatus, Bumming with Bobcat is back with the 2016 State Of The Union Address! I know you have been anxiously waiting for the #1 bumcast to return, and that day is finally here! What have you missed in the world of bum wine this past month? What's next for Next week we make the move to 11pm ET! Come on down and join the party!

WrestleMania 32 in style!
To celebrate the return of the bumcast we have a new bum wine of the week on tap! Cisco Blue Raspberry is the Bum Wine Of The Week! This is one that has been a long time coming and I'm happy I finally got my hands on a bottle and gave it a try at the BWB WrestleMania 32 Bash in AC.

The Bum Wine Of The Week!
Speaking of the WM32 bash, what exactly went down at the event? Did things go as expected? Who do I still have a bone to pick with? Listen to the show to find out!

Check out these digs!
The bar was stocked!
Look at that view!
Krude running the craps table!
We have had the usual Krudeness and more from the one and only McStud to keep everyone occupied in the meantime, so find out what you can expect from them going forward.

The best of the best right here!
Check out our new friends, What a Maneuver! on Twitter @WAManeuver and at! We will be working with them on some new Bum Wine Bob t-shirt ideas within the next few weeks!

The prior beer of the week!
All that and MORE was covered on this weeks episode! Next week we make the move to 11pm ET for the bumcast! Tell your friends and give it a listen! Cheers!

Listen to "2016 State Of The Union Address" on Spreaker.

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