Beer Of The Week - Natty Daddy

The 2017 BWB Budget Beer Tour continues this week with a trip to Natty Daddy country! Where exactly is Natty Daddy country? Well according to the can it's St. Louis Missouri where we all know the cheap beer flows like a luxurious cascading sweet river.

The big one! Natty Daddy!
Natty Daddy is another high gravity lager like our first stop, Steel Reserve Triple Export and is coming in at 8% ABV. It's a cheap beer that tastes like cheap beer. That's not necessarily a bad thing,  but it is similar to a lot of others on the market at the same price.

25 Fl. Oz. of bad news.
What else can I say? It's NATTY DADDY! You know what you are getting when you spend $1.39 for a can of this glorious beverage. Do yourself a favor and pick up a can of Natty Daddy, it's the BWB Beer Of The Week! Cheers!

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