The Krude Experience - My City Was Gone

My City Was Gone 

Like the Pretenders song goes from 1983 (but not in Ohio),I went back to Atlantic City,but My City Was Gone. Very strange to go to a place that was once full of vitality,sleaze,gambling,and overall debauchery.And find it in such a sad state these days. Like concrete dinosaurs,the shells of former hot casinos and hotels stand vacant adjacent to the Atlantic City boardwalk. The north end of the boardwalk that was home to Showboat,Trump Taj Majal,and Revel  now sports a morgue like essence. A few curiosity seekers will stroll by. A few desperate seagulls will fly by looking for a quick snack.The atmosphere is still and spooky. Walk a bit south on the boardwalk and you will see the site of the now closed Trump Plaza and Claridge casino hotels.The boardwalk itself not as spooky due to the abundance of t shirt and palm reading shops.And rub and tug tables along the wooden path.Still sketchy as fuck with rickshaw jockeys and panhandlers. Nirvana to Krude. Hell to most others.

Just one block from the boardwalk is the actual city of Atlantic City. It reminds me of Paterson,NJ. Low rent,dangerous,and worn down. When gambling was instituted in the late 1970's in AC, plenty of jobs were created. But the city (outside of boardwalk casinos) stayed exactly the same: horrible. Though easy to find fortified wine and crack cocaine. AC is not a place to raise a family or bring a timid chick to.

I keep finding myself wanting to go back all the time. Not just for the gambling.But for the overall aura of being next to an ocean (Atlantic) and the history of the city. I have taken a bunch of photos over the years in AC. What better place ( to share them.

I'll be back in AC in a few weeks to get my Krude on. Booze,broads,craps,Tony Luke's pork sandwich,and salt water taffy. Mahalo.

Gimme a Yo....



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