BWB Koozies are HERE!

Next up in the NEW line of Bumming with Bobcat merchandise are bWb Koozies! Right now we are still in the beta stage of production, but if you would be interested in purchasing one of these fine bWb Koozies, let me know what style you are interested in. Pricing and other info will be coming soon, so hit me up on Twitter or send me an email to get your name on the list!

bWb Insulated Can & 40oz Bottle Koozies

Designer beverage cooler constructed from a water resistant, tear proof and reusable Tyvek material. The interior is lined with insulated PE foam to keep your drinks cooler for longer! Each koozie is hand stamped by Bum Wine Bob himself!

Order Can Size (Coming soon):

Available in both can and 40oz size!

Order 40oz Size (Coming soon):

bWb Premium Collapsible Can Koozies 

Polyurethane foam 4mm that holds most 12-16 oz. cans, longnecks, and water bottles.

Order Black Can Koozie:
Check out these bWb koozies in action!

Don;t forget to order your Bumming with Bobcat shirts at What A Maneuver and check out the BWB Super Bowl Preview Podcast! Enjoy the big game! Cheers!

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