The Krude Experience - Onehundred

To be sung aloud:

....A hundred blogs of Krude on the web
A hundred blogs of Krude
Take one down Tweet it around
Ninety nine blogs of Krude on the web...

Guess you were hoping for the bottles of beer on the wall. Ha. This is Krude's party.

Fucking A. A hundred Krude blogs in a hundred weeks. No rest for the very wicked. It takes a fertile Krude mind (and a lot of sordid inspiration) to jot down an entertaining blog on a cheap booze praising website. But thanks to Bum Wine Bob himself, he let's Krude be Krude. And my words become known to thousands every week. THANK YOU. Thank YOU for reading. Thank you for clicking the website. It is my distinct pleasure to be this character called Kapn Krude and write in the third person for every Monday night. The stories I tell are all true. My opinions are my opinions. Blah blah blah..... Who the fuck cares? 100 blogs in 100 weeks is cause to celebrate. Chill the bubbly. Pop the cork. Pour the fun! Cheers!

Krude statistics since blog #1,early 2015:
Girlfriends: 3
Jobs: 2
Dyed my hair: 18 times
Bought bottles of Bookers Bourbon: 5
Bought bottles of Cisco: countless
Watched original network tv programming: 0 hours
Regular season wins by Oakland Raiders: 19
El Chapo prison escapes: 2
El Chapo captured by Federales: twice
Ate at Rutts Hutt : 4 times
Visit to various Doctor offices: 23 visits
Visits to various female orifices: plenty

100 is a milestone in almost every facet of life. It is also an average IQ score. I just take what I can get. With no regrets. Peace.

Here is an actual sing a long song from Reverend Horton Heat. Enjoy.

The falcon has molted...
The fat man bowls alone
But the Krude Experience will never die...


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