The Krude Experience - Soft


Or Sawft. Whatever. Pro wrestler's catchphrases always have a way of making it and remaining into the Krude Kranium. Take that Slapnuts.

Too much soft in this world. Not enough hard. Can't say certain words these days without an apology forthcoming. That ain't being Krude. That's being spineless. Just always say what you really feel.

Krude went to Prudential Center in Newark,NJ recently for an Iron Maiden gig. And since everybody gets groped and frisked to the max upon entering the arena, I resigned myself to paying top $ to the arena bar. Tried to order a whiskey on the rocks. No dice. Only whiskey mixed with soda is permitted at arena. Or just order a beer or cup of wine. Now that's being soft. Just because one asshole ordered a shot of 80 proof hooch and blew a fireball inside the venue,the whole crowd has to suffer. That's SAWFT. Fuck the Prudential Center in Newark. I'm a Meadowlands Arena guy. Saw Maiden there in 1987. Good times.

Most police forces in NJ take the soft way out. Protect and serve is their motto. Yet all I ever see is people getting hassled for having the wrong color sticker on their windshields. Shots were fired in an apartment building next to my house last year. No arrests for that crime. But the sheriff's dept are always on the make for picking up child support delinquents. No matter how much a dude owes. You're going to the joint,if your ex calls and complains. Just ask Krude. Two weeks delinquent and off to the slammer I went.

The only soft I can handle on a regular basis is my chick. But the fucking is hard. The way it should be. No complaints.

I go for the gusto all my time on earth. No punking out. It's just sad to see the world getting wussed out everywhere I turn. That's why I'm Kapn Krude and this is and you are loyal to this. Cheers!

Lost in the sauce once again....



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