Wine in a can? Sounds like a plan!

We are taking things to the next level and getting "fancy" here at Bumming with Bobcat by enjoying some wine in a can during this weeks podcast! To help me out with this momentous occasion, I'm happy to welcome Kimberly (@insatiablevine) and Dave (@_drazzari) to this weeks show for a Underwood Wines In A Can taste test and review! Kimberly and Dave are the co-founders of the #PinkSociety and teaching everyone how to drink pink on social media!

What's on tap for your enjoyment? We are starting things off with the Underwood Rosé Wine and finishing things off with the Underwood Pinot Noir.

"It’s hard to keep your pinky up when you’re drinking wine from a 375 mL can. These are the most approachable and ready-to-travel anywhere wines we produce. Whether you’re sitting in a hot tub after a good day of riding or heading where other wines dare not travel, we have you covered without sacrificing the craft taste Union is known for." -

Pinot Noir tasting notes: Cherries, raspberries, and chocolate

Rosé tasting notes: Strawberry, watermelon, and peach

What's the proper way to enjoy some wine in a can? We make sure to cover that as well!

"By the way you guys, can I just say as a side note, I am loving this can-wine thing, I think it's brilliant. I mean I'm active, I'm gesturing with my hands, and I don't feel restricted. If I was holding a wine glass right now I'd be spilling wine all over the god damn place." - Dennis Reynolds

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 "I feel like drinking wine out of a can is conducive to my violent hand gestures when I speak." - Mac

And since it needs no further introduction, Natural Ice was named the BWB Beer Of The Week so be sure to check it out!

All that and MORE featured on this weeks episode! Grab a drink and give it a listen. Cheers!

Listen to "Wine in a can? Sounds like a plan!" on Spreaker.

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