The Krude Experience - One Day a Year

One Day a Year

Having a day off due to a 'holiday' is a good thing. Unless everything is shut down on that day and getting a couple of fast food tacos turns into an issue. Then Krude get pissed and wishes he was a Canadian for a day. Not.

Labor Day is a very peculiar holiday that most Americans celebrate. LD only lasts for one day.Most retail outlets are open. And in my part of NJ, LD always means that public school starts a new calendar year two days after the holiday. Not much of a celebration is it?

With labor laws in the USA as they are,getting paid time off from most work isn't easy. A few major holidays,a few religious holidays and maybe a personal day or two are what the average USA person who slings hash for the Man gets in legal time off from the daily grind. Not good. I personally haven't had more than 5 days off straight for vacation time in over 9 years.WTF?!?!? 9 years of slogging around and working my ass off just so I can pay a shady tab to my ex wife and have food and shelter. That's not living. That's called survival. And it sucks.

It's no wonder that many people in the USA often resort to getting anti depressants prescribed to them due to work related stress that never ends. There just isn't enough 'break' time during an average USA job year to help lessen the stress. It's just work,work,work. And like it.

I don't like it.

So for one fucking day a year. A holiday called Labor Day celebrates the Working Man. One day. And it doesn't have to be a mandatory paid holiday. We are the Serfs. I'm calling it as I see it. And lawyers,doctors,and law enforcement is who we work for. Do the math. Count yer beans. Watch where they go. No crying please.

The word 'Communism' gets tossed around a bunch these days,often by people who don't understand its true meaning. Look a little closer to what kind of life the average American leads (by following the American Way). It's no wonder that booze and sports are as popular as they are. They are needed to keep people sane.

One day a year to celebrate the Working Stiff. Even groundhogs and green leprechauns get equal holiday billing.Weekend discount sales at retailers doesn't make for a holiday. So pop a cork. Spill the wine. Do a little dance. Make a little love. Get down tonight. Benjy Franklin would be proud.

Workin' man is always a Sucka


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