The Krude Experience - PerryFest '92

PerryFest '92

Another Krude nostalgia trip. snickers... catcalls.... fuck you... Time to go back 25 years and revisit a seminal event for the rock times: Lollapalooza 1992. Krude was there and mostly sober throughout the day long event. I just turned 22 and my life was about a month or two away from becoming the awful mindfuck it ultimately became. So this trip down memory lane is a Krude trip to a Happy Place. With power chords and patchouli oil.  

Perry Farrell was the brain child behind the Lollapalooza festivals back in the early 90's. His band,Jane's Addiction headlined the inaugural festival in 1991. That traveling show was such a financial hit that promoters begged Perry for an encore. Thus begat Lollapalooza 1992. For my money,the best Lolla show ever assembled.  

Going to a Lollapalooza show back then was not an expensive outing. The tickets were about $30,the concession prices were at par with everybody elses. And if you were into the drug scene,sharing was the name of the game in 1992. The only issue was that the show was played in a big,open field in the woods of Northwest New Jersey called Waterloo Village. If it rained,we were fucked. Luckily,it didn't rain that day.

The show itself was one for the ages. Here is the lineup,in order of appearance:

Pearl Jam
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Ice Cube
Red Hot Chili Peppers

There was also a Side Show stage area where the Jim Rose Freak Show was playing during Ice Cube's set. Other bands played at this stage as well,but I'm not sure who. Jim Rose Freak Show was the only time I went to the side stage.

Lush was a boring,alternachick band. Next.

Pearl Jam were probably outselling (record wise) everybody else on the bill at this point. But they came on early in the afternoon. They played well and got a great response from the crowd.
The Jesus and Mary Chain were kinda hip back then. Not sure why they played after Pearl Jam,but they were ok. Not a 'daylight' kind of band,in my opinion.

Soundgarden were great. Badmotorfinger was their newest album at the time. They even played the Body Count classic Cop Killer during their set. Awesome.

Ice Cube was good. I saw half his set (the Jim Rose Freak Show was Can't Miss). Cube had the crowd (mostly whites) eating out of his hands. Cool shit.

Ministry. Fucking Ministry. This was easily one the wildest shows I've ever seen. Sickest mosh pit I've ever been in. Made my way to the side of the stage,near the first aid tent. A bunch of broken bones were being treated during this show. Damn.

Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined the event. I had seen them a few times before and this was the worst of those shows. They sounded flat and out of sync. A new guitar player was with them at this show and it felt like it. Haven't seen RHCP since. No need to.

I tend not to go to all day rock shows anymore. Seeing a bunch of great bands play shortened sets doesn't appeal to me. But back in 1988,I saw the Monsters of Rock(Van Hagar,Scorpions,Dokken,Metallica,Kingdom Come) tour. That was my first taste of all day and night rock music. I had youth and good health on my side then. I still love live music. Just not for 12 hours straight. I'll leave the festival shit to the trustafarians.

Monterey Pop and Woodstock kick started rock festivals in the 1960's. I guess we can blame the hippies for something else now.

Wooks smell. Bad.



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