The Krude Experience - The Best Bar In America

The Best Bar In America

Krude being a big fan of low budget,large hearted flicks,I came across a movie that I could give a top notch review to. The Best Bar In America is a cool motorcycle/road/drinking flick that has all the necessary Krude ingredients to make it a classic. Give me some boozing,violence,nudity,and good scenery,and I'm in. TBBIA has all that and more in spades.

What makes this picture special is that is was filmed within the last 10 years. The lead actor in the movie is probably in his mid thirties.The supporting actors ages range from early twenties to senior citizens. For a modern movie,it has an old school heart. i.e. Ernest Hemingway's name gets dropped a bunch during the film. Foreign motorcycles get made fun of. Bars without television sets. Cigarettes are smoked in every scene. Good stuff.

The movie is about a guy who takes off on his bike to the Southwest portion of the USA to find the best bars. He is writing a book on his laptop about the journey. So mix Easy Rider with On the Road and add Wild Turkey as the booze fuel,and that is what this picture is. The obligatory love interest in the form of a hot bartender chick keeps some eye candy on the screen at times. And you will want to go to some of the bars that are shown in the movie. Or at least have a swig of Wild Turkey 101 for breakfast. Yeah!

I had some time to kill one day at work and came across this movie by chance. I had never heard of it before recently. That is usually the case when I discover rare movie gems of interest.

The Best Bar In America. Good movie. Krude approved. Pour a whiskey on the rocks before watching it. Cheers!

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