Beer Of The Week - Jack-O Traveler Pumpkin Shandy

Is it really fall unless you enjoy at least one pumpkin beer before the end of October? I know it's cliche, but I wouldn't name a pumpkin beer as the beer of the week if I didn't actually enjoy it and feel like it was a fitting induction. We started the trend in 2015 and 2016 so we are continuing the trend this year with the Jack-O Traveler Pumpkin Shandy!

I've had a few different varieties of the Traveler Shandy's in the past and have always been a fan of their products. I think they do a good job with the Jack-O Traveler Pumpkin Shandy. It has just the right amount of pumpkin while keeping true to it's shandy roots. Light and refreshing coming in at 4.4% ABV.

"Representing the darker side of Shandy, Jack-O Traveler is an alluring wheat beer illuminated by the tastes of fall. It strikes a perfect balance between bright refreshment and seasonal spice. Jack-O is made with real pumpkin for a delicious dark–hued, Shandy-inspired beer." -

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